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Adult Ed, Corporate, & Workforce Career Development Skills Training

  /  Adult Ed, Corporate, & Workforce Career Development Skills Training

Career-Building and Industry Certification made Easy(r)

Kick your professional growth and career programs into high gear with our innovative career-readiness courses.

Post Secondary & Workforce programs from CTE Learning are fully-online, self-directed, and self-paced. Our media-rich interactive courses allow organizations to offer the latest career-readiness and skills training that is flexible and gives their learners the ability to learn anytime from anywhere.

CTeLearning.com works closely with our industry partners to ensure that our content aligns with what the industry needs today. We are grateful to our industry partners who work with us regularly to keep all our courses up to date. All our courses are “live”, and are updated as needed throughout the year. Industry and technology move too quickly to only update yearly.

We make “What Device?” a Non-Issue for PC, Mac, Chromebooks & More

All our courseware is designed and formatted to be used on PC, Mac, and Chromebook. Your learners may also complete many of our industry certification courses on their personal mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android Phones.

We guarantee that no matter what device you choose to learn on, it will always look great and be easy to navigate. Learn more about our easy-to-use online platform by requesting a web demo.

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Learning is Great. Getting Hired is the Goal.

International Industry-Recognized Credentials to get your clients to their Goal.

We count our relationship with our industry partner, The Web Professionals Organization, one of our closest and longest-running. As you may well know, this international professional industry association is made up of members who create, build, maintain, support, and run the companies that utilize the internet and mobile apps. No matter what profession you are in, the members of WebProfessionals.org are very likely to have created tools that you use daily.

Since they are international in their reach, we have partnered with the Web Professionals to help us align and guide our development and to be the one to offer the third-party certifications for our workforce-oriented training and upskilling courses.

When your learners complete one of our training and skills courses and earn their international industry-recognized certification, you know they have completed a career-building experience. They can show the world they have gained knowledge, met industry standards, and are prepared for their next steps in their career journey.

They also will receive a year professional membership to the Web Professionals Organization and  “Welcome—you are one of us.”

Courses for Career Success

CTE Learning ensures that your coursework is supplemented with all of the tools you’ll need to be successful. Our courses include:

  • Supplemental videos and other visual aids that provide further explanation of core concepts.
  • Projects that provide hands-on, experiential learning methods.
  • Quizzes and tests that assess your aptitude of course concepts as you learn.
  • Interviews with industry professionals which help to equip students with applicable knowledge that leads to real-world success.
  • Course badges that can be displayed on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, which allows your skills to be quickly and easily identified by potential employers.
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Web design, web languages, frameworks, libraries and the different technologies that power the world wide web.

Hands on experience designing and developing mobile applications using current programming languages and libraries.

Exciting hands on approach to learning the basics of animation, digital story telling, and marketing for the web.

Returning to a learning environment can be intimidating, but CTE Learning makes it seamless. Our team of advisors will support you through enrollment, selecting classes and navigating courses and supplemental resources. Since our start in 2003, CTE Learning has offered the best in continuing education for professionals looking to launch into the STEM/STEAM industries.

Call us today at (913) 764-4272 or email us to get started with your new career today. We can’t wait to hear from you!