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Allen East HS – Allen County OH – Hosts Game Design Course Developers

Allen East HS – Allen County OH – Hosts Game Design Course Developers

One of our new Coding and 3D Video Game Design schools – Allen East HS met with two of our development team today. Bill Mattevi’s two Video Game Design I classes got the chance to chat with CTeL authors about coding, game design and how to succeed on a design team. These Allen East students will be following up their fall semester of Video Game Design with an exciting spring using our iWD Web Design with HTML5/CSS3 industry certification course. Quite a STEM career building year for these students.

Video Game Course STEM Education CTE Courseware

CTeL Authors and developers Daniel and Steve spoke about coding

game design careers, design process and the power of story. Students heard about the differences between gender in gameplay and motivation. How important diversity is in engineering and design teams. Daniel and Steve also spoke about opportunities and the exploding job market in coding, web design and general computer science.

Allen East High School STEM Course Video Game Design Class

The AEHS students are fortunate for this opportunity. The Allen East BOE and AEHS are giving their students a unique opportunity to not only get first-hand experience in coding, game design and web design. But, these students will be building their college and career ready portfolios, earning industry certifications, and competing in an international game design competition.

We are excited for the Allen Eash HS students and appreciate the invite from Bill Mattevi for our own Daniel and Steve to chat with his coding and design students.

Have a great semester Allen East High – CTeLearning Staff