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Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robotics.

  /  Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robotics.

Course Specifications

  • Platforms – Windows, Mac, Chromebook
  • Length – Semester, Year ,
  • Career Cluster – Information Technology, Engineering
  • Industry Certifications – CoA Certificate
  • DIgital Badges  – Yes
  • Level – Middle School, High School
  • Course Delivery – Blended Learning, Online
  • Student Competitions Supported – TSA
  • CEUs – Available for Teacher Training
  • Prerequisites for Facilitator – None
  • Prerequisites for Students – None
  • 3rd Party Tools – Coding Tools Free
  • UC a-g Approved – Pending

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Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robotics








Coding Tools*

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. Self-driving cars, autonomous delivery drones, AI autopilots in planes, Facebook, Amazon Alexa, and chatbots are all examples of artificially intelligent technologies that are already impacting our lives today.

Robots and smart systems are growing in their abilities to do more and help more. Soon we’ll see robots that will not only be able to drive us around town but will be able to care for elderly and disabled.

When we think of the Iron Man movies, we think of Jarvis, and already we see our homes becoming smarter all the time.

If we think of AI as the smarts to be able to make the right choices to do the work we need, then robotics is the brawn needed to make the work happen. Robotics also brings the ability to sense, feel and touch the world around us. Bringing AI together with Robotics is how we will fulfill the promises of the intelligent system that will be able to make our lives better and safer.

Besides the creation of useful, intelligent systems, studying Artificial Intelligence teaches a new level of understanding of systems, coding, biology,  and behavior. In the course, students use robots as their playground to practice coding and modeling the smart systems that are becoming part of our world.

In this course, students will examine how nature has produced some very successful creatures. They’ll break down and determine what behaviors make specific animals and insects so successful. Then will use their knowledge to help code the next generation of intelligent robots.

Some of What Teachers Can Expect Students to Achieve

  • Solid understanding of the basics of inputs, outputs and process. Advantages of Systems Thinking
  • How to look at a real-world issue, analyze and create a smart system to solve the problem.
  • How to create an algorithm and code a robotic system
  • Recognize what it takes to be a professional in the industry.
  • Understand the fundamental relationship between coding and behavior.
  • There is no perfect design and be able to analyze, test and critically review their work and use feedback to improve.
  • How to present a solution to a client.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics and web legal issues including privacy, copyright, and information security.
  • Create a Portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of robotics and the engineering / design process.
  • Understand the trends in robotics, AI and autonomous vehicles.
  • Earn Badges and the CoA Certificate.
Robot getting ready to run a challenge.

Robot getting ready to run a challenge.

If you are interested in providing students with marketable skills and an education that prepares them to make a difference in the world, this is the course you have been searching for.

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Some of the exciting course projects your students may engage in.

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Dead Reckoning

Predator Prey Game

Machine Learning Game

Autonomous Highway

Box Race


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