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A First in Bahrain – STEAM Students First In their Country to Earn Web Development and Design Certifications

Global Web Industry Course and Certification Engages STEAM Middle School Learners

Six middle school students in Bahrain received web development and design certifications in Fall 2019 and April 2020, representing the first students of any age in Bahrain and the Middle East region to achieve this international industry recognized certification.

Bahrain industry recognized certification

Under the guidance of Zain Al-Zayani, founder of Grow Learning Space, these students (Khalid D, Mohammed S, Serena E, Tala T, Dana T and Nayef S) successfully completed the Web Development and Design course offered by CTe Learning, which provides innovative internet-based STEAM curriculum to education partners globally. The course is offered as a supplement to students outside of the traditional school setting, and Grow Learning Space is the only program in the Middle East region where the Web Development and Design course and certification is currently available. Courses were administered both in-person at Grow Learning Space as well as remotely in virtual learning settings, as the coursework can be completed from anywhere in the world with just a computer and internet connection.

In March, Grow Learning rolled out CTeLearning’s innovative “Mini Online Boot Camps” for their learners in Bahrain. Boot camps offer short one week online experiences in popular topics including coding, game development, web design, mobile app dev, and 360 web app development. The mini boot camps are perfect for at home learners wanting to explore STEAM careers.

 Bahrain online virtual education

Riffa Bahrain at night.

Located in Riffa, Bahrain, Grow Learning Space runs STEAM sessions for students and adults of all ages on engaging and relevant topics including computer science, electrical engineering, architectural engineering, chemistry, physics, coding, robotics, math, arts, and other essential skills. Grow frequently collaborates with a number of world-known entities, both international and local.

“Congratulations to these six students on their impressive achievements. Special thanks to the head of Grow Learning Space, Zain Al-Zayani, and her staff of STEAM educators for their work in implementing the course for her students and empowering them to achieve internationally recognized certifications. And thanks to Mark DuBois and the Web Professionals Association for all their work behind the scenes to support STEAM education – not only in the U.S. – but around the world.” – Steve Waddell, founder and lead developer of CTe Learning.

Real-World Experience and Career Preparation – Virtual Learning

The Web Development and Design course and certification completed by these six middle school students provided an opportunity to gain real hands-on experience, build a project portfolio and gain credentials recognized globally. By taking advantage of this course offering, these students were able to begin to explore a pathway for their future high school and professional careers. Additionally, because the Web Development and Design course is fully internet-based, students gained a glimpse into remote virtual learning and the future of the globally connected workforce. Versions of this course are designed for middle school students, high school students and adult learners who may want to transition to a new career or seeking to gain highly marketable STEAM skills.

Bahrain online classes for middle school high school

This curriculum is delivered entirely online, and students can use PC, Mac, or Chromebook to learn and chart their path through the course. Media-rich tutorials with interactive video and an embedded coding sandbox enable students to immediately play with the code they are learning. With this course, CTeLearning supplies a custom suite of online creative and development tools for free. All assessments are built in, and solutions for all project work is provided for the instructors. Students can login in anytime and anywhere to learn and create.

The web development and design certification earned by these students is administered by the Web Professionals Association, the international industry association for professionals in web development, connected applications, and mobile app development that has been serving industry professionals for over 25 years. CTe Learning also offers courses in Web Technologies,  Internet and Mobile App Design, Web Animation, AI and Robotics, and Coding Internet Games, Apps and Sites. 

Do you want to learn more about Grow Learning Space and their courses and boot camps?  Check them out at https://www.growlearningspace.com/whatsup