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Branson Online School Students Receive Industry Certification In Web Design and Paid Internships

Branson, Colorado February 19, 2016 – Two Branson School Online students are the first BSO High School students to complete the new Web Design course and to receive the Certified Web Designer industry credentials.

Both Branson Online students have already been offered a paid internships with companies.  The internships are allowing the students to gain experience with their new skills and credentials. Companies are allowing students to work as virtual interns while they are still in school.

Branson School District Superintendent Brad Caldwell spoke. “It is with great pride that I announce the success of two of our on-line students, Kiara Kapple and Landon Mapp. These students, after completing Mrs. Kimberly Schor’s Web Design class, took and passed the industry exam designed for adults
entering the profession.”

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BSO High School is in its first year delivering this Web Design with HTML5 standards course. The educator responsible for this success is Kimberly Schor. Mrs. Schor teaches a number of Business, Career and Technical Education courses including Mobile Application Design, Coding & 3D Video Game Design.

Experience with Branson School Online

When asked about her experience, Mrs. Schor said, “This is a brand new class for myself and the students. I am honored that I was asked to teach this class.Through our partnership with CTE Learning, we have had the opportunity to provide our students with worthwhile skills that are opening doors to exciting STEM careers. All of us here in the Branson School District are extremely proud of both of these students.”

Kiara Kapple, one of the newly credentialed students said, “”The Web Design Course was everything I needed to test the waters and get a solid foundation in something I enjoy. While the main career I’m pursuing is in the fashion industry, the core knowledge I obtained in this class as regards to coding in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript helped me to immediately start my own online business website, ‘Thimbles & Thread Boutique’ to sell the hand sewn and hand crafted gifts that I make. The course itself is presented in a format that is easily understandable.

While I was nervous to complete the test (Industry Exam) at the end of the class, as I am with all tests, I was confident that I had been equipped with the beginner experience and training I needed to succeed. I was ecstatic to find out that I had passed the certification exam as I know it is one more part of my education that can help me secure a stable career in something I love.”


The certification earned by the Branson students is delivered by WebProfessionals.org, the premier industry association for Web Design, IT and Connected App developers.

WebProfessionals.org’s Chair Bill Cullifer and Co-Chair Mark DuBois were key to the creation of the Certified Mobile Application Design credentials. The industry certification is an optional element for this course.

Many students take the course for only High School credit. Those who want to gain the coveted industry credentials must receive a minimum course grade, meet all project performance requirements as required.

Meet all career portfolio and presentation requirements. Exhibit professionalism in all class activities. Finally, receive a recommendation of their educator to sit for the industry credentials exam.

“This truly exemplifies our Live Rural, Learn Rural and Work Global push,” spoke Steve Waddell, the founder of CTe Learning. “There is no reason for students, wherever they live, to not get the opportunity to discover their passions and talents for these high-demand STEM careers. Kim Schor’s Branson Online students are helping us prove it.”

Landon Mapp, when asked about his class experience told us this. “When I first heard about the opportunity to take a class in web design I was extremely excited, as my dad has been in the IT industry for over 21 years.

I thought it would be amazing to be able to share that with him. Once the class started and I began to learn the intricacies of coding used in web design it began to dawn on me what an amazing opportunity I was being given.

The class was so detail oriented and I really loved the getting in there and being able to start to understand that all of this coding could turn into something amazing. I really don’t think it has fully sunk in that I passed.

To fully understand that I am graduating high school with an apprentice certification in web design, is truly an honor and humbling. Mrs. Schor, because without her support and guidance throughout, I think I would have doubted myself.

It is an amazing feeling to have accomplished this giant task. I still can’t believe it! It makes me feel that no matter what my age is, that if I put in the effort and hard work, I can do almost anything.”

“We are very proud of the BSO students. Branson is delivering great career prep opportunities thanks to a forward thinking administration and amazing teachers. We love seeing students make these first steps towards high demand STEAM / STEM careers.” commented Donna Goodman, CTeLearning.com’s Director of Professional Development.

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