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First CTE Student in WI Receives New Animation Pathway Industry Certification

Doug Devine is a career and technical education teacher at North High School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We caught up with Doug when one of his students, Lindsey, became the first high school student in Wisconsin to receive the Web Animator industry certification from Web Professionals Global. We asked Doug if we could do a quick article on him, and he thought it would be nice to include Lindsey’s point of view. How could we resist? Enjoy hearing from Doug and Lindsey.

Doug says, “I have been working with CTeLearning for over 12 years now, so when you have chosen to use a company’s curriculum for that long, it shows what you think about their curricula and service. But what I think is much more interesting than my thoughts on how a curriculum works is to hear from my students. So, I asked Lindsey to respond to some questions and here is what she had to say about the course. She has already passed the class and received the industry certification, so there is no reason for her to try to get points with me at this point.” 

Doug continued, “I found what she said to be enlightening, but I wasn’t surprised. She is mirroring what most of my students have to say about this course. Let’s hear her thoughts.” 

What do you like about the Web and Computer Animation course?

I really enjoyed how thorough the entire course was! It was incredibly hands-on, and there was never a lesson where I wasn’t learning!

How has the course helped you realize how much fun learning can be?

This course has definitely reignited my love for learning. It wasn’t a series of lectures, but a bunch of hands-on activities where I could apply what I’d learned to a live situation by making anywhere from a ten-second advertisement to a minute-long commercial! It helped me realize what I was capable of, both individually and as a part of a team.Animation Career Pathway Statistics

What would you say to other students who may be interested in learning animation through this course?

I would absolutely encourage anybody who’s considering animation, even if they aren’t sure, to take the course. You don’t only learn about the technical skills, but you also learn how to use your creativity to the fullest!

In the course, you got to hear from many different professionals. What do you like about hearing professionals discuss what they do and give you pro tips on how to be a great animator? 

Getting professional advice and tips from those who actually work in the field was extremely helpful! It also allowed me to realize that my dream is achievable; becoming a professional animator is one of my biggest goals in life, and this course is my first step.

What did your friends or family say when you showed them the animations you created? 

They were incredibly impressed with my progress! Even though it was only a semester-long course, the exponential progression I’d made within my animations in that short period of time was incredible.

What did your friends and family say when you told them that you were the first high school student in WI to get this certification?

They were incredibly proud! My family has always been a huge support system throughout my entire life and has always known that animation is my dream career, so the moment I completed the course wasn’t only fulfilling for me, but for them as well.

What do you want to say to Mr. Devine and your principal about making this course available to you and your fellow students?

I’d love to truly thank everyone for being so helpful and cooperative! The people around me continued to push me and encourage me every step of the way. Mr. Devine knew how much this animation course meant to me, as becoming an animator is my dream job, so he always made sure to stay on top of my assignments and help to motivate me!

Doug also said, “As a career and technical education teacher, you live to see those moments when you know you have helped a student discover more about their talents and passions and realize that they have what it takes to be successful in their career pathway. Teaching is hard, and most of us will admit that many times we don’t hear the thank yous, but we are not in it for the money, the fame, or the thank yous. You become a teacher to give your students a better chance at success. I had so many teachers who helped me growing up that I never said thank you to. But now, as a teacher, I look back, and I see that I am carrying on the work, and in that way I am saying thank you to all of my past teachers.”

Our lead developer at CTeLearning, Steve Waddell, said, “I was very excited to find out that one of Doug’s students was the first in the state to get the certification. I know there will be more from Eau Claire in the future, as they have a very robust CTE program in their district. I just wanted to say on behalf of the CTeLearning team a big congratulations to Lindsey and Doug. Also, this is the first year Doug has taught the Web Animation course. Prior to this he has always taught our Video Game Design course, and so kudos to him for knocking it out of the park.” 

Mark DuBois, Executive Director of Web Professionals Global, said, “We here at Web Professionals Global are thrilled that Lindsey is the first recipient of our Web Animator certification in Wisconsin. Lindsey and her teacher Doug realize how important it is for students to earn certifications and future-proof themselves for the professional world and global economy. Again, congrats to Lindsey for a job well done and Doug for doing a great job teaching this course and guiding his students.”

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