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Celebrating Success With a Former Web Design Intern (Updated for 2022)

At CTeLearning we are proud to work with young professionals seeking to develop their skills for the rapidly evolving world of work. Megan B., who interned with CTeLearning as a web developer for the past six months, is a perfect example of this. She has gone from winning an award in the summer 2021 SkillsUSA web design competition (represented Kansas in the Post-Secondary division) to interning with CTeLearning to recently landing a full-time web development job—all in just half a year. 

During her internship she worked on various projects to support CTeLearning courses involving animation, web games, web design and development and more. Megan worked fully remotely as an intern, collaborating with team members in the midwest and northeast US as well as in the United Kingdom. The internship helped Megan understand how powerful the idea of “living locally, working globally” truly is in the new remote economy. She bolstered her knowledge and skills with the Remote Working Professional course and Interview module. Megan also earned certifications through the Web Professionals Organization to develop her skills and strengthen her resume.

We caught up with Megan to hear more about her experience going from the SkillsUSA competition to internship to full-time job.

How has your overall experience been?

My experience has been amazing all-around. Throughout this journey, I learned skills that enabled me to earn an award in the SkillsUSA competition, succeed in my internship while working remotely, develop my skill set, and now land a full-time remote job.

During my internship, I completed the Remote Working Professional course and certification. Learning remote working skills and earning the certification helped me to future-proof myself for whatever the global economy looks like in the coming years. I learned about things like doing taxes and how important it can be to hire an accountant, how to improve my home office workspace to be more productive, and much more. The job interviewing section of the course taught me how to really sell myself better in job interviews, which helped immensely in landing my current full-time position.

With my skill set, knowledge and experience, I can stay home in Kansas while working with people in other states and other countries, which opens up enormous career possibilities. I am confident that this is just the beginning of my journey in my professional career, and I am excited to see what the future holds.

What did you learn from your experience competing and earning an award at the SkillsUSA web design competition? 

I learned how to minimize work to make it sleek and effective in a crunched time frame. I also learned I was capable of making a great website in a small amount of time.

What was the experience like doing the entire competition online?

It was fun as I enjoyed having my partner and I in a room by ourselves, even though there were eyes watching. Honestly, I think ours was the easiest to do online, because that is where we work anyway.

What attracted you to web development and design?

I have always wanted to figure out how websites and games were built on the computer. Ever since I was little, playing on a Windows 98, showing my grandma how to play solitaire on it. Then, watching shows like NCIS and Criminal Minds, I was always drawn to the “computer geek” character. When I heard I didn’t need to move to somewhere like California to become a coder, I jumped at the chance to learn. I also believe being a woman in this field helps show girls and other women they can do this too.

What has your experience been like working remotely with team members in other states and countries?

At first I was concerned about communication being difficult while working remotely, but my experience with CTeLearning has been amazing. Communication issues are rare, and I enjoy being able to make my own schedule. It really is a great way of working.

How has earning certifications changed your view of global connectivity and people being able to learn and work remotely from anywhere?

Earning certifications in this field has shown me anyone at any age and with any knowledge of coding can learn it easily. I started learning code at the age of 24, after going back to college for a second time. If you have the willingness to learn, you can do anything with the right help.

How has earning certifications and the internship experience empowered you as a web design professional?

This experience has helped me tremendously with my confidence in what I can achieve. I now know I am capable of being effective and efficient in the web design field. 

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