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Charter Oak High School Students Receive Industry Certification In Mobile Application Design and Paid Internships – Press Release Los Angeles Region

Press Release – Covina California, February 25, 2016 – Eleven more Charter Oak High School Students received their Mobile Application Design and Development industry credentials. Charter Oak has graduated more students with this industry certification than any other school in the US. Congratulations to the COHS students, administration and course instructor Tom Parslow.BETA Header

COHS students have already been offered a paid internships with companies. The internships are allowing some of the students to gain experience with their new skills and credentials. Companies are allowing students to work as virtual interns while they are still in school.

“This our second year teaching this course, and the second year in a row that our students continue to have great success in passing the industry certification exam.”

Tom Parslow continues, “ I am so very proud of these eleven students for making the commitment at the beginning of the school year towards becoming industry certified in mobile apps design.

What an honor for these students to walk out of COHS at the end of the senior year with both a high school diploma as well as their industry certification in their hands.  We hope to see another huge number of students take the Video Gaming industry certification exam later on this spring.

A huge thank you to Steve and Donna for all of their support in helping both our Mobile Apps and Video Gaming classes take off these past two years.  We’ve grown from one class to two classes in only one year, and I see this wave of interest continuing to grow for these two coding classes.”

This year’s newly credentialed app designers are:

“We’ve grown from one class to two classes in only one year, and I see this wave of interest continuing to grow for these two coding classes.” – Instructor Tom Parslow

  • Angel Lawson
  • Gabriel Sanchez
  • Mario Medina
  • Jaryd Sparkman
  • Aaron George
  • Fernando Carrillo
  • Ceanna Delta
  • Abigail Kalin
  • Miher Jivalagian
  • Cassandra Gibbs
  • Aileen Vargas

When asked about the course, one of the newly minted app design students said, “When I was taking the Mobile Apps class, I immediately knew that I want to go into this as a career. Once I found out about the certification exam, I knew I had to take it.

When I found out that I passed, I knew that I have a shot in this career field. I will be able to study this. I believed I could pass it, and I did. Being passionate about something I love to do is so beautiful. I am really looking forward to learning everything I can about this field of work.” – Abigail Kalin

COHS Student Miher Jivalagian  said. “I was excited to hear that I had passed the exam. My parents were proud of me!! The benefits of me passing the test is that when I apply to college I have an upper hand when being asked if I am certified in anything. I was thinking about becoming a programmer long before I took the course and this course, and the test pushed me to want to be a programmer even more.”

“Since taking the class, I’ve changed my mind about my career choice.”

“Since taking the class, I’ve changed my mind about my career choice. This class is the future. Mobile Technology can only improve from here on out, and I’m glad I took the optional certification exam, and passed because that’ll only help making my transition into my future, and the real-world, that much easier.” COHS Student – Ceanna Deita

“It gives me extreme pride when reflecting on the achievement of the eleven Charter Oak High School students that passed the certification industry exam.

In regards to testaments of COHS (BETA)

It is a testament to their hard work, the high academic rigor of our curriculum within the BETA academy, and the commitment of their instructor.  These students are a shining example of our efforts at COHS to produce graduates who are college and career ready.

I am excited to see how their promising future careers unfold.” – Dr. Ivan Ayro COHS Principal

The certification earned by the COHS students is delivered by WebProfessionals.org, the premier industry association for Web Design, IT and Connected App developers.

WebProfessionals.org’s Chair Bill Cullifer and Co-Chair Mark DuBois were key to the creation of the Certified Mobile Application Design credentials. The industry certification is an optional element for this course.

Many students take the course for only High School credit. Those who want to gain the coveted industry credentials must receive a minimum course grade, meet all project performance requirements as required.

Meet all career portfolio and presentation requirements. Exhibit professionalism in all class activities. Finally, receive a recommendation of their educator to sit for the industry credentials exam. Tom Parslow’s students took the proctored exam at COHS as delivered by the WebProfessionals.org.

“We are always proud to see more students involved in STEM/STEAM courses,” spoke Steve Waddell, the founder of CTe Learning. “We want students to see their High School work as relevant, connected to their passions and propelling their career choices.

There is no reason for students to wait for college or tech school to discover their passions and talents for high-demand STEM careers. The earlier we give our students real-world experiences, the earlier we can see them make solid and strategic choices.

Discovering their passions early for a career will help the learner stay in school, and give them confidence and motivation to excel. In our model, we are showing an easy way of doing this for all learners. It is truly a win-win for everyone.”

“We are so very proud of Tom’s students.  I have enjoyed working with Mr. Parslow for a couple of years now. He has great students. A terrific and forward thinking administration are working to give their learners these first important steps towards high demand STEAM / STEM careers. So, again Congrats to Tom and COHS.” commented Donna Goodman, CTeLearning.com’s Director of Professional Development.

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