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Course-Introduction to Web and Mobile Application Coding and Design with JavaScript

  /  Course-Introduction to Web and Mobile Application Coding and Design with JavaScript


PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, Linux, Android



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Create Mobile and Web Apps

You have seen how Web and Mobile Applications have changed the way we live and work. Leverage your learners’ connection to web and mobile technology to engage them in the high demand STEM career of coding and design. There continues to be a shortage of skilled coders due to a lack of programming courses available to learners.

New to programming educators may struggle with implementing coding courses. This course solves both of these problems by design. Learners and teachers do not need any previous coding or design experience for this course.

This media rich and highly interactive hands-on course guides your students through the exciting process of creating their own web or mobile apps using JavaScript. Along the way they will learn critical STEM skills, develop confidence, and build a college and career ready portfolio.

Let this be an exciting introduction and great first step towards becoming future ready, advanced education and a new career.

Teachers Point of View

“The integration of the IDE and your new tools right into the Web and Mobile App Course has been a godsend for us here at HHS—especially now in the days of COVID. Last year, as you may recall, before your updates, we had to use these other online tools like PhoneGap, Orion hub, Blue Stacks, etc. Our PCs were having a hard time handling all of that, and our kids, even the highly motivated ones, were getting frustrated. Frustrated students are always hard to get to engage, and I know you heard me when I told you the struggles we were having with all those 3rd party tools. Even with COVID, for now this is the best it has been in the 4 years I have been using mobile apps.  Things have just been working nicely, & I think that is because of all of the integration that has taken place. ”


Course Specifications

  • Platforms – PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, Linux, Android
  • Length – Semester
  • Career Cluster – Information Technology
  • Industry Certifications – Free
  • Level – High School
  • Course Delivery – Blended Learning, Online
  • Student Competitions – Available
  • CEUs – Available for Facilitator Training
  • Prerequisites for Facilitator – None
  • Prerequisites for Students – None
  • 3rd Party Tools – Included Free

Some of What Teachers Can Expect Their Learners to Achieve:

  • A solid understanding of the basics of JavaScript programming and programming of web and mobile apps
  • Understand the Design Process and Application Life Cycles
  • Understand the basics of User Interface and User Experience design
  • Understand how to monetize an app to generate revenue
  • Recognize what it takes to be a professional in the industry
  • Demonstrate a practical knowledge of how to deploy apps to different devices including iOS, Droid, and Windows Phone.
  • Create a Portfolio of web or mobile apps they can show to potential employers or continue to expand and grow them into money making marketable apps
  • Able to analyze, test and write critical reviews of apps
  • How to present designs to a supervisor, customer or investor
  • Understand ethics in the workplace and the legal issues of intellectual property and starting up an application development company
  • Be properly prepared to earn the optional industry certification

This course is available as an expandable one semester course.

If you are interested in providing students with marketable skills and an education that prepares them to make a difference in the world, this is the course you have been searching for.

What’s New for Fall 2021?
  • New Free Updated Web-Based Development Suite provided.
  • Free 3rd Party International Industry-Recognized Certification embedded, and stackable – Streamlines certification attainment
  • New Virtual Internship Career Simulation career building portfolio projects
  • New Career Personal Financial Intelligence Tutorials and Project – optional
  • Updated Ethics in the Workplace Tutorials and Certificate

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