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Course- iWGD Web and Mobile Game Design

  /  Course- iWGD Web and Mobile Game Design


PC, Mac and Chromebook Ready Mobile Friendly


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Stackable Internation Industry-Recognized Cerfication

Game Design Tools

Free Suite of Web-Based Tools

Web and Mobile Game Design

… take a student’s passion and start to build a future career.

Web and Mobile Game Design

How often have you wanted to tell a student to stop playing a game on their phone or computer? How about you? Do you enjoy the challenge of a well-made video game? We all know how engaging games are. Did you know that by 2025 revenue for mobile games will be more than $138 billion? To put that into perspective, the global movie industry is around $30 billion. By 2025, over 70% of Google Play’s revenue will be from mobile games. Web games are a fast way to get to market, and if designed correctly, they can easily be played on any PC, Mac,  Chromebook, tablet, and smartphone. This curriculum is easy for you to facilitate and teaches your students how to design, build and get their web and mobile games to market quickly.

As a sector, the web and mobile game industry is a leader in high-skill and high-wage jobs that are in high demand. Who will be the next generation of game designers feeding this growing industry? Why not give your learners a start in this exciting industry?

Whether played in a browser, on a laptop or on a mobile device, these highly interactive applications have changed how we see entertainment, marketing, and community. 

Are you new to game design, web, and mobile app creation? Our media-rich and highly interactive hands-on curriculum helps address the pain points you have in teaching game design. Let our project-based learning approach guide your students to earning their first international industry-recognized certifications. They will learn critical STEM skills, develop confidence, and build a college- and career-ready portfolio.

Thanks to our industry partnership, each of your students will have the option of obtaining a third-party international industry-recognized certification in web game design. This certification is free to your school and your students thanks to a unique sponsorship program. As your students naturally progress through the course by completing lessons and projects, they also meet the certification’s industry requirements. At the end of the course, you can offer your course completers the option of registering and receiving their new industry-recognized credentials. 

This is an exciting introduction and a great first step for your students to become future-ready for advanced education or a promising career path.

Learners and teachers do not need any previous coding, game design, or web development experience for this course.

Some of What Teachers Can Expect Their Learners to Achieve:

  • Understand the breadth of career and growth opportunities in the broad web and web and mobile game design field. To understand the web and game industry, career options, history, and future trends.
  • Learn how Web and Mobile Games can be a part of a dynamic branding and marketing strategy?
  • To understand game-level design, game story, game mechanics, character, and game asset creation.
  • To create various original game music, sound effects, and graphical assets supporting game-level narratives and gameplay.
  • Develop a series of increasingly challenging game products and other learning artifacts and build a career and college-ready professional portfolio.
  • Compare and contrast development issues for creating game apps for Mobile Phones and Tablets, Chromebook, and Desktop.
  • Demonstrate personal leadership and an understanding of project management and apply the engineering design process to game development
  • Earn a 3rd party Ethics in the Workplace micro-credential
  • Earn a stackable 3rd party international industry-recognized Web and Mobile Game Designer Certification
  • And Much More…

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Free Web-Based Tools Suite
  • Free Web-Based Game Asset Creator
  • Free Web-Based Game Music Creator
  • Free Web-Based Game Sound Effects Creator
  • Free Web-Based Game Character Creator
  • Free Web-Based IDE with Game Templates and Assets

Deployment and Teacher Training

This course can be deployed as a one or two-semester offering, depending on how you choose to deploy it.

During your training with one of our development team, we will cover:

  • Student enrollment and onboarding
  • Teacher solutions and additional resources
  • Projects sequence and review
  • Portfolio curation
  • How to award your students their Industry-Recognized Certifications
  • How your students can access the international student competitions
  • What we mean by Legendary Educator Support

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Suppose you are interested in providing students with marketable skills, industry-recognized certifications, and an education that helps them find their career path. Then, this is the course you have been searching for. Feel free to contact us today.


Some of the Tutorials include:

  • Tools of the Trade – IDEs
  • Game Analysis – Thinking like a Coder
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • Virtual Internship Experience – Carbonade Company
  • Careers and Professionalism
  • Game Level Design and Development
  • Game Tester
  • Game Music Design and Sound Effects

Industry Trends

Some of the Industry Spotlights include:

  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Web/Mobile Game Industry Growth
  • Your Game Business
  • Game Music Design
  • Game Sound Effects and Audio Engineering
  • Project Management, Planning and QA
  • Professional Game Testing
  • Game Design Careers

Real-World Projects

Some of the Games and Projects include:

  • Brick Reckoning Game + AI
  • Interactive Fiction Adventure
  • Manga Madness
  • Libby Hop
  • Box Drop Concentration
  • Astro Invaders
  • Too Hot to Handle
  • Vocab or Die
  • Flying Monkey

Tutorial Videos

Assessments Built-In

15+ Portfolio Projects

Expert Interview Videos