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CSULA and YMCA Bootcamp Gets Students Excited About Web Design

 From August 1st-4th, the CTeLearning team and the Web Professionals Global Organization facilitated an online web design and social entrepreneurship bootcamp for students in the Los Angeles area. The students in the bootcamp were mentored by staff from the California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) Pathways Program and YMCA of Los Angeles. In the span of just four days, students learned technical skills, entrepreneurship skills, heard from industry experts and built their very own websites that they shared with their peers, family and friends.

Today, 60% of web traffic occurs on mobile devices, making this bootcamp the perfect way to introduce students to the world of web design. Bootcampers ranging from 3rd grade to 11th grade worked their way through CTeLearning’s engaging web design courseware to learn about how to offer a product or service beyond their own backyards. Web design is not just about coding—it is about taking the products and services of entrepreneurs, small businesses and large corporations to market.

The bootcamp kicked off with a welcome from Gabriella Piccolo, the actress who plays Suzy in Stranger Things,  who cheered on the campers. Bootcampers were challenged to create a website for a business that would be sustainable. Many chose to create businesses that were not only profitable, but would give back to the community. Some created businesses whose purpose was to help others live better, healthier and happier lives. As part of the bootcamp, each student had their own web server set up so they could instantly share their work with their family, friends and mentors. The bootcampers loved that they could see their work immediately available on the web and get feedback from their family and friends as they built their sites and developed their company brands. 

The last day of the bootcamp was a celebration and launch party of the campers’ websites and businesses. Professional web designers and creators joined in on the last day to help review and cheer on the learners business concepts, and websites. The professionals were blown away by the incredibly clever businesses and passion the campers showed for building enterprises that were sustainable and socially responsible. The bootcampers built real websites that they can continue to work on and improve as they further develop their web design skills.

The bootcamp activities were led by Steve Waddell, the founder and lead developer of CTeLearning, and Kelvin Knighton, a full stack developer on the CTeLearning team. As the students crafted their company concepts, determined the products and services they would offer and figured out how to have their enterprises generate revenue to keep their missions alive, the following web professionals joined the Zoom call to discuss different aspects of web design and  entrepreneurship as well as take questions: 

Mark DuBois, the executive director for the Web Professionals Global Organization, the largest international professional association and credentialer for all things web, spoke and answered questions about web design as a career and how to step into this high-demand and high-paying career pathway. 

Fabrizzia Kaiser, a web designer and branding consultant whose company focuses on helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses, spoke about the basics in building a company brand and how to develop a product story and niche. 

Joshua Frisch, lead writer for CTeLearning, spoke to the students about crafting web content and the importance of understanding your target audience and creating engaging content that fits the persona of the ideal client. 

What helped make this bootcamp successful was all of the one-on-one mentoring that the YMCA and CSULA team members provided to the bootcampers. With the bootcamp spanning four separate YMCA locations and some bootcampers working remotely from home, the mentors were crucial in making sure every learner was engaged. 

Steve Waddell, founder of CTeLearning and lead facilitator of the bootcamp, praised the students, saying, “There was so much to accomplish over the four days of the bootcamp. The work the students did is very real as they built actual websites they can continue to work on in the coming months. Each of them knows what it takes to develop a company, identify products and services, and create a website to build their brand and generate customers to help them accomplish their missions. It is awesome to see students get excited about designing, creating and sharing their websites with family and friends—the sense of accomplishment is obvious. We are proud to partners with CSULA and YMCA Los Angeles for yet another successful year of getting students excited about web design career pathways.”  

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