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CSULA Intro to App and Game Design with JS – Busy Summer

It’s 1am Daniel’s time, 7:30 my time and fun time at California State University Los Angeles. Dr. Mauricio Castillo and his CSULA student teaching team invited Daniel and me to their daily debrief. What were they debriefing on? Why all the smiles? Well, they are running our new Introduction to App and Game Design with JS course. They have around 150 plus students from the surrounding area who are learning to create mobile apps. Dr. Castillo and his team are not only getting these young LA “Apptrepreneurs” to learn to code (Yes as in actually coding JavaScript), producing their apps (They will create nearly 20 apps while in this course), learning how to market and monetize, receive industry credentials, build their college and career ready portfolio, but they will do it all on Chromebooks. Dr. Castillo is one of the region’s experts in delivering STEAM and CTE coursework using the Chromebook. His PD (Professional Development) Team trains districts on leveraging and getting the most from their existing technology or low cost solutions like the Chromebook.

As you can see, the debrief was a great time. For some of these student teachers this is their first time teaching. For us it is so much fun to work with Dr. Castillo and these young teachers who are taking time out of their summer to lead the next generation of entrepreneurs and app coders.

Big thank you to the teaching team – Elizabeth, James, Johny, Luis, Sergio, and Gabriel. You guys Rock!

BTW – The WebProfessionals.org is a 20 year old association for professionals actively working in the Web IT, Web Design/Development or Mobile Apps industries worldwide. They currently run the Skills USA Web Design and Partner on the World Skills competitions.

Have Fun – Steve