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SkillsUSA Web Design Challenge Contest Competition 2020

CTeLearning Team Participates in 2020 Web Design Online Challenge 

CTeLearning participated in the 2020 “Virtual” Web Design and Development Challenge held from June 22-June 25 in partnership with WebProfessionals.org and SkillsUSA

First, we need to give a shout-out to SkillsUSA for working with WebProfessionals.org to innovate in this time of COVID-19 and keep alive the spirit of leadership and competition for the next generation of web professionals. 

This year’s innovative and fully online skills event invited and challenged hundreds of high school and college students from around the U.S. to work in teams of two on a number of projects that would support the Web Professionals Association’s effort to promote industry best practices and web standards.

Transitioning to a Fully Online Web Design Challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, schools closed and SkillsUSA was forced to cancel the Louisville National Leadership and Skills conference, disappointing many—especially those on the WebProfessionals.org/SkillsUSA Competitive Events Team. WebProfessionals.org has organized and run the Web Design Contest at SkillsUSA since 2003. 

Fortunately, the leadership at SkillsUSA and the WebProfessionals.org got together and collaborated to revamp the Web Design Challenge in record time, moving it to a fully online skills competition. Our own Lead Developer at CTeLearning, Steve Waddell, was tapped to be the lead judge. Steve has been on the Web Professionals Association Contest Team since 2013, and since 1990 has run student skills competitions for many different organizations in robotics, app development, web development and game design. He offered all of CTeLearning’s expertise in online curriculum and systems to make sure this special competition would come off without a hitch.


SkillsUSA 2020 Online Competitions

All the Web Professionals Association SkillsUSA Contest Team missed being at SkillsUSA in person. We all plan our summers around SkillsUSA. Three of our WebProfessionals.org event team launching a past event. Backs turned to the camera and from left to right we have Mark Dubois Ex Director, Bill Cullifer Founder, Jonathan Worrent Committee Chair.

This online challenge did not replace the full SkillsUSA contest, but it did help mend some broken hearts and allow all the SkillsUSA state winning teams to have the opportunity to show off their skills and compete, all completely online. The online Web Design challenge was designed so that the members of each team could collaborate together, contribute, and create while maintaining complete social distancing. “Just as the professional world learned to work remotely as teams, we gave our SkillsUSA Web Design Challengers a chance to live that experience too,” commented Joshua Frisch, Web Design Challenge Contest Team member and Lead Writer at CTeLearning.com.     

Participants documented their progress as they demonstrated their skills in web programming (HTML, XHTML and CSS), web graphics, website design, web accessibility and usability, website management, project management, web multimedia and professionalism. A panel of experts from the web professional community based their winning selection on the following criteria developed by Webprofessionals.org:

  • Design and Layout: Navigation
  • Programming: Compatibility
  • Programming Code Structure & Design
  • Scaffolding of Process – Diagram/Flowchart
  • Video Production and Presentation
  • Professionalism

The Gold Winners at the Secondary/High School level were Kevin Downing of Whitinsville, MA, and Daniel Cardone of Blackstone, MA. The Gold Winners at the College/Postsecondary level were Matthew Connors and  Joey Higuera of Massachusetts.

Steve Waddell said, “On behalf of the WebProfessionals.org organization, the Technical Committee and challenge judges, I want to say thanks to all the teams for putting forward all the great efforts. So much in the world has changed since last year in Louisville. But one thing has not changed—the quality of our Web Design Challenge participants. In chatting with the judges, each team excelled in different areas, and they enjoyed seeing all the creativity in all the submissions. If these winners stay on this trajectory, keep practicing, grow their career portfolios, and add international industry-recognized certifications to their resumes, I have no doubt they will get snatched up by industry when they start looking for that first career move. I am proud to say this is my seventh year as part of the WebProfessionals.org Web Design Challenge support team, and even though I didn’t get to see everybody in Louisville, I had a terrific time. I look forward to next year’s competition, where students from around the country will demonstrate their skills.” 

SkillsUSA iWD Web Design Industry Certification STEM CTE

“There is just something electric about SkillsUSA. I missed being there with our WebProfessionals.org team and seeing the professionalism and intensity of the competitors. I am already looking forward to 2021. And whatever happens I know our competition team and our competitors can adapt.” Steve Waddell

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SkillsUSA is a United States career and technical student organization serving more than 395,000 high school, college and middle school students and professional members enrolled in training programs in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. For additional information visit www.skillsusa.org

The Web Design Contest provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. It builds and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills. It emphasizes total quality at work, high ethical standards, superior work skills, life-long education and pride in the dignity of work. For additional information, visit www.webdesigncontest.org.

WebProfessionals.org is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the support of individuals and organizations who create, manage or market websites and apps. The organization provides education and training resources as well as certification for the aspiring, the practicing and those that teach. Find our more at www.WebProfessionals.org