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CTE, STEM and Business Educators have their membership fees paid by CTeLearning.com


Why does CTeLearning.com pay for educators to become part of the Web Professionals Association?


“I believe it is important that educators preparing students to go into high demand and high paying web industry jobs have access to all the benefits of being part of the Web Professionals Association,” says Steve Waddell, Founder of CTeLearning.com. “Our teachers go through our personalized training, and they begin to facilitate classes that lead their students to industry credentials and jobs that can pay over six figures. That’s great, but in reality, our teachers become so much more. Through their work, they become an important part of the web’s community of professionals. We want to recognize these teachers for their professional contribution to growing our economy. Educators are key to the future.”

Teacher Helping Male High School Student Working In Computer Class

What are the short- and long-term benefits to our web educators?


We have teachers who, through teaching our courses and increasing their skills, end up with part-time web gigs or re-career into full-time careers in web development. This membership gives educators a glimpse into jobs available in the web industry as well as new experience and knowledge they can bring back to their classrooms.


Who is the Web Professionals Association?


Mark Dubois with STEM and Web EducatorThe Web Professionals Association (WebProfessionals.org) is the international industry association for IT professionals engaged in web development, connected applications, and mobile app development. It has been serving Web Development and IT professionals for over 25 years. WebProfessionals.org is proud of their professional outreach work and supports SkillsUSA, WorldSkills International, and numerous competitions and events that help learners reach their professional career goals.

Mark DuBois, Executive Director of Web Professionals (WebProfessionals.org), says “We are so pleased with this partnership and the commitment CTeLearning.com is making to growing the number of educators in our professional association (also known as the World Organization of Webmasters). Personally, I have been working with web technologies for roughly 27 years. I built my first commercial website (for a multi-billion dollar corporation) in 1995. I recently retired as a tenured professor from an Illinois College where I created the first accredited AAS degree in Web Systems in the world and the first accredited certificate in Rich Internet Application Development. I created and taught over 20 separate semester long classes on various aspects of web technologies. I have taught in person, online, and have created and taught MOOCs. I mention all this to let you know that we understand and value the role of educators in helping aspiring web professionals. We look forward to welcoming more educators into our ranks, and we hope they will take advantage of all the benefits our membership offers. By the way—if you are at SkillsUSA nationals at Louisville in June, come by and see our web professionals team at our web design and development competition. We have been running the event since it began. This will be our 18th year. We are also training the US competitor for the WorldSkills 2019 web design and development competition to be held in Kazan, Russia in August.The Web Professionals Association are part of the list of supporting organizations regarding Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s contract for the web. One last thing – Please – Don’t be a stranger.”

With the free Web Professionals Association membership, educators have full access to all benefits— including additional and free industry training modules through the Web Professionals Association’s School of Web. The School of Web has been providing online and self-directed skills enhancement for web and app developers for over 15 years.

What about my students?

As if we would leave the students out! Students are definitely not left out. All students who complete a CTeLearning.com Web Professionals Association endorsed class and receive the industry certification also get a membership to the association courtesy of the WebProfessionals.org .

CTeLearning.com will begin purchasing Web Professionals Association Memberships for our teachers fall 2019. Do you want to make sure your name is on the list? Then give us a call 877-828-1216.

What courses are endorsed by the Web Professionals Association?

Web Technologies

Web Development

Web Development for Business

Web and Mobile Application Development

Web Animation

Web Technologies for TEKS

Web and Mobile Application Development for TEKS