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Remote Working Work From Home Training

CTeLearning and the Web Professionals Organization Announce Release of Career Transformation Series 

The CTeLearning and WebProfessionals Organization are proud to announce the release of the Career Transformation Series, a one-of-a-kind certification course aimed at helping those working remotely around the globe. The Career Transformation Series features text and video courses covering all aspects of remote work to help learners prepare to excel in the new remote work world that has rapidly grown in the age of COVID-19. 

WFH Training Certification Mobile Chromebook

Each course within the series combines a media-rich self-paced training program with embedded certification assessments, allowing the learner to earn an international industry-recognized certification (IIRC) as they progress through the course. The focused nature of each course in the series means that in just one afternoon the learner can learn and earn career building credentials, and download the certification to prove it. The certification indicates the recipient has met standards agreed upon by industry and is ready to work as a remote worker anywhere in the world, making it a credential in high demand among employers seeking to hire remote professionals.

These courses and their certifications are not focused on technical careers or technical skills, but give the learner the skills and knowledge to make them marketable in the global workplace. Whether you are in customer service, sales, design, management, services, product support, development, web design, or any career you can do remotely, then the skills you learn in this course transcend all industries, careers and levels. 

Each course also includes an interview preparation chapter, which features videos explaining how to ace the interview and land a job as a remote worker. The videos cover how to prepare for interviews as well as some of the most common questions that hiring managers ask candidates when interviewing for remote work positions. These videos feature a professional who has been working remotely for over 30 years and has hired numerous remote workers for his own business.

Three Career Pathways 

The core course is the Remote Working Professional (RWP) Pathway, which covers how to work remotely, how to communicate with others, how to work smarter and more productively, new dynamics of remote work, ethics of remote work, and bonus features packed with information that all remote workers should be aware of. 

The Remote Professional Freelancer (RPF) Pathway (coming early March 2021) includes the core RWP course plus an advanced chapter on how to work and excel as a freelancer in the remote work world. The chapter includes information on how to develop skills to be a freelancer, selling those skills, managing clients, considerations as a freelancer versus working for a company, sticking to a work schedule and much more. Upon completion, students will receive a Remote Professional Freelancer IIRC (in addition to the core Remote Working Professional IIRC earned after completing the core course).

The Remote Professional Manager (RPM) Pathway (coming mid-late March 2021) also includes the core RWP course and builds on it with an advanced chapter on how to be a manager as a remote worker. The chapter includes information on project management, dealing with difficult employees, communicating with employees in other time zones, ensuring accountability among team members and much more. Like the Freelancer Pathway, students who complete this course will receive the Remote Professional Manager IIRC (in addition to the core Remote Working Professional IIRC earned after completing the core course).

The Web Professionals Organization, the industry association comprised of members who built the technology tools we utilize every day in remote work, is the backer of the IIRC. However, you don’t have to be a web designer or developer to complete one of the course pathways. Whatever your profession—insurance agent, customer service representative, language translator, book editor, or just a student who wants to learn more about how to excel at home—this course is for you.

Get Started Today

No matter what industry you work in, or even if you are a high school or college student beginning to think about your career, this course is for you. COVID-19 has forever changed the ways we learn and work, and the shift from traditional office spaces to remote work settings will continue in the coming years. Prepare yourself for the new world of remote work by arming yourself with the knowledge, skills and industry certification that will enable you to thrive. 

If you’re ready to take control of your future, visit Remote Working Professional Course and Certification Info to get started today.

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