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  /  Blog   /  CTeLearning.com Offices will be off line 8/21/17 – Eclipse Watch

CTeLearning.com Offices will be off line 8/21/17 – Eclipse Watch

Our offices will be closed for most of the working day 08/21. Our town is close enough to the eclipse path that we will be shutting down between 10:30am till 2:30pm CST. The team has varied plans for what they will be doing. Welding googles and viewing glasses are scattered about and stashed in cars. I expect some will drive a little north, or go to local watch parties. If I had a current medical.. I would be at about 7,000 feet so I could watch the eclipse and he shadow. I suspect one of our members will be dressing up as a Druid and dancing around a large crystal they have in their back yard.

Libby the intern has convinced me that we should take the 360 camera and audio gear and record the event from the cul-de-sac we live on. Since I cannot find my Druid robes, I will accompany Libby and we will view and record the event in the “Sac”.

My son’s school is having a 3 hour event for eclipse, and I hope that any of you who are anywhere near the path of the totality will have the chance to see this event.

As for what it will look like from the city that our “World HQ” is in, here is an animation link

Olathe Kansas Eclipse 082117

Once in a lifetime for some of us – at least that is what Libby is telling me.

Have fun – Steve