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CTeLearning.com Wins 2016 Existing Business of the Year Award from the KS SBDC

The Kansas Small Business Development Center statewide netwokssbdclogork has announced the 2016 Existing, Emerging and Exporting Businesses of the Year. Each of the eight Kansas SBDC regional centers selected one emerging and one existing business for the award. A ceremony in Topeka on Tuesday, March 8, recognized 17 Kansas small businesses. The businesses were selected from more than 2,000 that received Kansas SBDC services in 2015.

sbdc booth award fam1

Steve, Ian and Lauren standing in front of the CTeLearning booth in the KS State Capitol Rotunda.

Small Businesses Guide

“The selected businesses were given careful consideration by our Kansas SBDC regional directors and consultants,” said Greg Panichello, Kansas SBDC state director. “Collectively, the Kansas SBDC team feels these 17 small businesses are excellent examples of small business adaptation and success in challenging times.”

CTeLearning.com SBDC Award

Stephanie Landis (SBDC), Steve Waddell (CTeL) , Julia Lynn (KS Senator), Dr. Martin (FHSU President), Wayne Bell (SBA)

The SBDC based at Johnson County Community College has been mentoring our company since 2003. Over the past 13 years, the SBDC consultants have supported, guided and lovingly prodded us through the highs and lows of growing a business. We have all heard,” It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Well, I firmly believe that “It takes a community to raise an entrepreneur.” You just can’t do this alone. Market strategy, legal advice, financials and real conversations with experienced business creators. The SBDC has been all those things to us. I can honestly say that we would not have survived the economic downturn which ravaged educational funding (our main source of revenue) and closed down many educational companies, had it not been for KSSBDC support.

Community Love

CTeLearning.com SBDC 2016 Existing Business of the Year

Award Documents – “Mission, Vision and a Dog” – You’ll notice that “Libby the Intern” was able to work her way into the official award photo. Kudos to her for taking the “and a Dog”  and owning it so well.

I am so blessed with a family who supports me in my crazy attempt to better education and equity in STEM Career and Technical Education for Rural, Urban and Suburban learners and their educators. All my love to my parents, Lauren and Ian for the years of undying support. I can never express my gratitude enough. Love you all.

A quick shout out to my JCCC SBDC team members. Thanks to Stephanie Landis our lead consultant and the rest of the JCCC team: Elisa Waldman, John Addessi, Ellen Clickner, and Rosalyn Perkins. I also want to shout out to our award winning lawyer Rick Gier (BTW the SBDC recommended to us).

To the whole community, that has supported us all these years. On behalf of our CTeL team.  I thank you all so much.

Have fun – Steve

The CTeL Team: Donna, Daniel, Bret, Dante, Lexy, Maria, Gaby, Gabe, Than, David, Victoria, Mike and Libby the intern.