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CTeLearning Introduces New Middle School and High School Game Design Curriculum for 22-23 School Year

Learn more about the curriculum here.

Over the past year, we have had conversations with our teachers and students to learn about how the Web and Mobile Game Design curriculum has engaged and inspired students who are exploring possible career paths. Web and mobile game design is a focus of CTeLearning since it is a growing STEM field with high-paying job opportunities all around the U.S. and the world, and our middle school and high school game design curriculum helps students prepare for this field. 

This year, we have revamped the Web and Mobile Game Design course with new features that teachers and students will love. The course uses innovative activities to teach students valuable technical skills and soft skills as well as provides opportunities to earn certifications and micro-credentials they can take into their post-secondary and professional careers. Students learn how to build the games they enjoy playing on their own through hands-on activities and creative projects. 

Let’s look at some of the features schools can expect their students to enjoy when implementing this curriculum for the upcoming school year. 

  • Engage with more game projects than ever: create assets, analyze, test, and produce over a dozen web and mobile games ready for the web and iOS and Android platforms 
  • Create original game sound effects
  • Create original game music 
  • Create original game graphical assets
  • Create original game fonts
  • Create game marketing materials
  • Create a game company
  • Create original game concepts for targeted audiences and markets
  • Create educational games to be shared with younger learners in the school district
  • Earn micro-credentials and badges (free)
  • Earn international industry-recognized certifications from a 3rd-party international professional association (free)
  • Opportunities to compete in an international future web game designer competition hosted by a 3rd-party international professional association (free)

Steve Waddell, founder and lead developer of CTeLearning, said, “I am amazed when I look back at all the changes we made for the release of this new curriculum. We built our first Video Game Design course back in 2004. That curriculum went through yearly updates and at least six major rewrites. We still have schools using that course today. However, when we built the original course it was two years before the introduction of the smartphone. This new Web and Mobile Game Design (WMGD) course is based on all the feedback from countless teachers and students, feedback from our team members who work in game design, and our certification partners at the Web Professionals Organization. The WMGD curriculum has been designed from the ground up to make things easier for a teacher to facilitate. Admittedly, that takes a little extra work on our side, but we benefit with happier teachers, awesome games by students and overall easier tech support. A shout out to our families who put up with lost weekends and late evenings to get this built and ready for our schools, teachers and students. I cannot wait to see what students create in this course during this upcoming school year.”

Mark DuBois, the Executive Director of the Web Professionals Organization, had this to say: “We are proud to be a part of a new way to give future professionals their start in high school and middle school by partnering with CTeLearning to embed some of our international industry certifications into curriculum. This enables us to extend our partnership to educators and offer them an opportunity to reward deserving students with their first set of industry credentials. We amplify this with international competitions that our curriculum partners can take advantage of with their students to inspire them to think about how they can compete with their skills, talents and passions in a global marketplace. As we all know, the world has changed over the last 25 years. As professional educators, designers, developers, and lifelong learners, we must adapt and change as well. As a professional organization celebrating our 25th year of community, education and certification, we are excited for the coming school year and welcoming a new cadre of young professionals to join our ranks.” 

game design curriculumgame design curriculum

Learn More About our Middle School and High School Game Design Curriculum

The curriculum is entirely turn-key, so teachers and students don’t need any prior coding or game design knowledge. If you are looking for a web and mobile game design curriculum that will engage and open the eyes of your students to a new career path, contact us today for a free 20-minute demo with a creator of the course. Let us show how we can help you make the 22-23 school year the best yet for both you and your students. Contact us directly today at 913-764-4272 or swaddell@ctelearning.com.

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