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Free early access to courseware for career pathways teachers and their students

Due to COVID19 – Teachers are asking for early access to new curriculum

Helping out through the COVID19 crisis with Free Early Access to curriculum is just common sense.. 

Free early access curriculum career pathways for teachers and their students

Students get free early access to the courseware

We were talking with an educator yesterday, and she mentioned that what would help her out would be if she could start her course now. Her school has adopted one of our courses for the fall, but she said she was in need now of content to teach with. Her current stuff wasn’t virtual or remote teaching friendly.  Basically, she was simply asking for early access for her and her students. 

Needless to say, we said yes, in fact, we said “Hell Yes” to her getting free early access to her co

Early access is free, and it makes perfect sense to us, and we are glad she asked. We already do this, and we do it all the time.  So not really sure there is much to brag about here, but not everybody knows that this is something that we have been doing for years.  

Many schools adopt for the fall, but we start training and working with the teachers in the spring (if they have the time)  to get them trained up. Early access gives our new teachers time to play with their courses over the summer, ask lots of questions,  and be better prepared for the fall. About a third of our new teachers take advantage of this. 
Free courseware early access career pathways teachers and their students

Our courses are already designed to work either in a brick and mortar classroom, remote teaching online for virtual learning days, or as a full self-directed virtual learning experience. Since we have been doing early access for years as part of our teacher training well, what we had been doing just for the teachers makes sense to simple include the learners in as well. Especially in the times in which we are living.

So for all our new teachers coming on board, know we have you covered.. 

For our existing teachers, if you need something, then call. If you need to spin up another course for you to help cover a class for continuous education then just reach out to us.  

Stay safe and healthy.