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Coding and 3D Video Game Design Course El Rancho Charter School

El Rancho Charter School – Developer’s Meeting – Game Code Chat

El Rancho Charter School’s Coding and 3D Video Game Design class had a developer’s meeting on Friday. Veteran Game Coding Instructor Troy Coffey invited Daniel and Steve to webinar into his class to meet with this semesters game design class. The topics discussed with some of the CTeLearning.com development team was gravity, collision and what they might expect when starting out in the coding game (no pun intended) as a new hire in a company.

“Daniel and I certainly had a great time. Through this coding course, these students have become our peers. We get to have real developer chats with them about coding, level design, and physics. It is fun to see how far a student can come in just one course. For our CTeL development team, this helps us to get inside the heads of the learners. It allows us to see and hear firsthand what the students are understanding or not from our work. Therefore, these meetings help us as we continually improve our work. We appreciate the chance to hang out with the students. Big Thanks to ERCS and Troy for the opportunity.” – Steve Waddell Founder.

The ERCS students are in the process of creating their games for the Future App Game Designer Challenge. Troy Coffey’s student teams have been submitting games to the competition since 2009. From the looks of it, 2017 is shaping up to be another great year for ERCS. Troy always does a great job getting his students excited about his class and completion.

Some of Troy's Past Winners

Some of Troy’s Past Winners


Good Luck to the ERCS class of 2017. We cannot wait to see your games.