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Equipping Students with Lifelong Skills in the Age of COVID-19

As we close out the end of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic remains as relevant as it has ever been in the last 18 months. For schools, this means being flexible to adapt to new outbreaks and recommendations by health departments and government bodies. This can include shifting to a hybrid learning model with part-time in the classroom and part-time at home, or it can include fully remote learning where students learn 100% from their own homes. It is a constant balance for administrators to keep teachers and students safe and healthy, while still meeting educational requirements and goals. 

What can parents, teachers, and administrators do to prepare their students to succeed in education—even when school means working on online curriculum from home during periods of quarantine?

The opportunity for teachers and students 

Although the pandemic has disrupted daily life in so many ways, the shift to remote learning (and working) is one that likely would have eventually happened even if it weren’t for the pandemic. Having students prepared to work just as well from home as they do in the classroom builds skills that students can carry with them throughout their middle school, high school, postsecondary and professional careers. 

This is the same challenge that companies around the world have been dealing with since the pandemic began. Knowing how to communicate with others, solve disputes, manage distractions, and succeed in a remote or hybrid learning environment are all important lifelong skills that students will need to know and master at some point in their lives.

CTeLearning has been working with secondary and postsecondary schools since the beginning of the pandemic to equip teachers with curriculum that works in the classroom, outside of the classroom, and in hybrid models. Even if a school suddenly shuts down for several days or several weeks, students can continue learning seamlessly from their homes without missing a beat.

While CTeLearning offers courses in a wide variety of areas including web design, animation, web and mobile app development, web game design and more, an area of rapid growth during this uncertain time in education has been the rise of the Remote Working Professional course. Schools across the country are utilizing this unique four-hour course to equip their students to thrive in the new world of remote learning and working. 

The course covers how to remain focused at home, how to communicate with others when they are in different locations, how to be productive day in and day out, and much more. Students answer questions after each section of the course to confirm proficiency, and are awarded the Remote Working Professional certification upon completion of the course. This certification, issued by the Web Professionals Organization, is backed by the association’s working professionals who have learned and worked at home for many years. Students gain knowledge throughout the course and can proudly carry the certification with them throughout their careers as they show future prospective employers that they know what it takes to thrive in the remote world. The certification is relevant for any type of student, no matter their current career interests or future professional goals.  

Tanya Wardally of the Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, NY, said this about the RWP course: “Today, more than ever, we educators must prepare our students for a dramatically different world of work than when we were in high school. Let’s face it: technology and the pandemic have forever changed the world of work. We have to future-proof them and make them resilient so that they can succeed in any environment. I appreciate how this course taught both hard skills and transferable soft skills. My students loved being able to progress through the course from any internet-connected device, including their smartphones. I would recommend this course to any schools and teachers who are looking for curriculum that will prepare students to thrive in their postsecondary and professional careers. I am so proud that they are earning international industry-recognized certifications this year—even in the midst of a pandemic.”

Steve Waddell of CTeLearning said, “We were pleasantly surprised that in addition to students taking and enjoying the course, many teachers took the course and learned how to be more effective educators during this difficult time in education. We are so proud of all of our students, teachers and administrators who have worked so hard to continue to succeed in the age of COVID-19, and we are grateful that our Remote Working Professional course can play a small role in preparing students for both the present and the future, no matter what paths they take.”

If you are looking for a way to prepare your students to succeed both in the classroom and the future workplace, contact us today for a free demo on how we can help you.