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getting your industry certification in web design

Getting Your Industry Certification In Web Design

You’re never too old or too young to learn a new skill and start a new career. Few career fields are growing as quickly as web-based jobs. Getting an industry certification in web design and development will get you noticed in this competitive industry.

These two fields look particularly attractive. This is because of the job security, freedom and opportunity for creative thinking. So, are you thinking about pursing this career?

Before starting on the road towards obtaining your web industry certification, you have some research to do. Where do I start with web development? How long does it take to get a certification in web design?

web design with industry certification

Companies from all industries are constantly looking to fill web-based positions. Most of these jobs cannot be filled fast enough in this fast-paced and creative environment.

If you’re willing to put in the time to learn, you can quickly succeed in the field of web design and development.

Web Design / Development is also one of the best STEM careers of 2018 and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

Web Design / Development Course With Industry Certification

CTE Learning is here to help. We offer a project based online course that you can easily implement no matter where you are.

The courses provides range for both a younger middle school-aged audience up to high school and adult level education. Time and again, web development is shown to be a field that budding professionals can get ahead without a college degree.

Having an industry certification in web design could help you start your career earlier than expected. This is due to the demand for these positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated web development positions to grow by 27% between the years 2014 and 2024.

The time you put into learning and working determines exactly what you get out of this career path.

Programming html css

Take a look at our Web Development and Design (Coding with HTML5 & CSS3) course that offers industry certification. Yes, you could even earn it while still in middle school!

With over 150 videos, 28 assignments and 5 big projects, you can move through the web development and design certification content at your own pace. It’s your perfect path towards industry certification.

What Will You Learn In The Web Design Course?

Companies of all sizes need web designers to build and maintain their corporate brand story. Our web development course teaches students how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to build websites from the ground up.

Concept design, layout, content creation and messaging are the skills that companies hire for. By design we have made this course easy to deploy. Neither teachers nor learners need any previous coding or design experience for this course.

When you’ve finished the course, you will have gained practical knowledge and experience in this skill. Above all, you’ll be fully prepared for your certification and the start of your career.

You’ll learn:

  • Solid understanding of the basics involved in HTML5 and CSS3
  • An understand and the ability to apply best practices to create websites that are web accessible for users who may have different levels of impairments.
  • Recognize what it takes to be a professional in the industry.
  • Understand the fundamental relationship between Content, Style and Behavior.
  • Demonstrate how to create a website for a client based on the customer’s needs and vision.
  • Able to analyze, test and critically review their work and use feedback to improve.
  • How to present a solution to a client.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics and web legal issues including privacy, copyright, and information security.
  • Create a Portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of web development using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Understand the trends in the web design.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of color theory, site aesthetics, style tiles, wire framing and site testing.
  • Understand how to engage with a client, collaborate, communicate and deliver on time and on budget.
  • And finally, our course prepares you to properly take on the industry certification.

Get you certification

Web Professionals Certifications

Our web design and development certifications come from partnering with the Web Professionals organization. After completing our training course, Web Professionals offers multiple levels of tests to work to the highest certification.

Start with apprentice exams, move on the associate level exams then through the professional level exams to achieve the full web design and development certifications.

These vendor neutral industry standard certification exams are created by experts within the web, education and government sectors. This ensures all certification tests are fair, accurately measuring skills and knowledge.

Seems like this industry certification is a clear epic win.

web design and development industry certification

Benefits of Industry Certification In Web Development / Design

While the number of web based jobs is certainly growing, this also means there is stiff competition. You’ll need to stand out among the crowd and a web design / development certificate will help you do just that.

By possessing a web certification you are increasing your value as a perspective employee or freelancer, and you will likely start off at a higher salary as well. The industry certifications we provide are up to date and are certainly on top of today’s current trends and standards.

While you might already understand HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, you want to ensure that you up to date with today’s ever-changing technologies and programming languages.

Differentiate yourself by being able to talk the talk, and backing it up with professionally recognized certificate. Our web design course with industry certification helps you wow your potential employer and gain confidence in this growing industry.

Continue To Grow & Learn

While having your certification is a huge achievement, that isn’t the end of your work—it’s just the beginning. After completing the CTE Learning online web development / design courses and passed your professional certification, you’re ready to start proving yourself at an entry-level position.

Try applying for a few local web design positions, search for small businesses or organizations in need of help, or even explore sites like UpWork or Thumbtack. This will help get your foot in the door towards building your portfolio.

Of course you should design your own website as well to showcase your work!

Web design and web development are career paths where you will fail, succeed and learn many times over. Press on because project after project, you will emerge a stronger professional in this fulfilling career adventure.