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Go Elon, SpaceX and NASA – SpaceX is Taking Us to the Moon

Thank you, thank you, thank you, NASA, for choosing SpaceX.
Getting back to the Moon is no easy task for SpaceX. There is quite a bit left to engineer to get us back to the Moon. However, they are the team to bet on. I have no doubt there will be some stumbles, but with Musk and Shotwell and everyone from the janitors to the lead engineers, SpaceX will make it happen, and I have no doubt they will do it with a bit of style.
I pity my family and whole dev team as I will be driving them all nuts with my future constant chatter about this. Sorry – but you’ll just have to life with it. 
Joshua (our lead tech editor/writer) messaged me with this news, so everybody, blame him for fueling my SpaceX Moon crush. 
Crew-2 coming up in just a few days. Go Dragon, Godspeed, with a special shout out to my buddy Ken at MSFC – NASA, who is part of the engineering team making sure we get our people up and back safely.
Congratulations SpaceX – You have earned this.  – Steve


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