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Happy Educators and Learners

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I use CTeLearning courses becuase I see more success with their products others I have tried. Like many educators I get all learning levels in my classes. These courses get all my students engaged, and that makes teaching much easier, effective and all around more fun me. I have been using their courses continually since 2004.

Video Game Design….gave us a lot of excitement and thrills, but it also helped us learn many things. One of the things it helped us learn was how it is going to be in a real job. We learned to be organized and work in a professional manner.

As a professor of STEM and a CTE educator teaching the next generation of technologist I find the Virtual Internship Series a terrific way to engage our new engineering and technology students. This helps us retain students in our programs. We like it so much that we have recommended the secondary level courses to our regional high schools.

The simple idea of learning how to make my own apps was what made me feel the most excited – as I gain more knowledge and confidence, I’ll have the confidence to make what I want to create later down the line. It’s pretty cool to be able to say that I have a legit certification that I can use beyond high school for a career if I choose to go towards application design.

Your program – It was everything I was looking for and a HUGE sense of relief. The curriculum was in place, I didn’t have to make up lessons on the fly, I didn’t have to spend my whole summer learning a piece of software in hopes that I could make it work, and you provide support that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I, honestly, can’t imagine teaching this class without this curriculum. What a nightmare that would have been, and what a blessing CTeLearning has been.

I have read many programming text books and many of them are written in a manner that will scare off new programmers. This course incorporates videos explaining concepts prior to reading the material and then has projects to put those newly learned skills to work which really helps to reach all types of learners…..100% of my students earned their Industry Certifications with this course.