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Haven High And CTeLearning Collaborate To Help Rural Students Build Their Own Success Stories- New STEAM Course Launched

The job market, especially for mobile application developers will skyrocket by a major 32% in the next 5-6 years.

This major increase will open up about 300,000 confirming the fact that this particular occupation will herald the largest increase for occupations in the field of IT or otherwise.

Stating this, we’d like to tell you that the lion’s share of these occupational opportunities would be open to Android and iOS app developers as these smart phones operating systems own about 90% of the smart phones being circulated around the world and in the US more specifically.

Do you know how many smart phones and tablets running on Android or iOS were sold in the year 2013?

To answer this to your astonishment, about 1.004 billion smart phones and 219 million tablets were sold in the year 2013 and the total is now rounding up to 245 million in 2014. Android consisted of 61% of the total sales while iOS rounded up to 35%.

So what’s the purpose of stating all these facts and figures?

Before we introduce our topic, we wanted you to be able to judge, by the numbers, the significance of the course Haven High school is now offering its students with the help of CTeLearning.

Haven and CTeL have partnered to deploy CTeL’s Mobile Application Design and Development course which allows the school students to learn to create over a dozen mobile applications ready to be deployed right away.

Students will learn how to create apps for android, iOS, Mac and Windows via a project based learning course which is coupled with professional industry credentials.

Not only would the students learn how to design and create the apps. They also learn how to market their apps, basic entrepreneurship concepts and how to begin their own startup mobile company.

How did this come about?

Principal Marty Nienstedt and Business Education teacher Nancy Morgan knew they wanted to broaden their STEAM or STEM career offerings at HHS.

Mr. Nienstedt spoke to long time Haven Tech Educator Steve Duft and he suggested speaking to CTeL. Mr. Duft had been using CTeL courses since 2006 and had had great success and support.

Calls to CTeL were made and Marty, Nancy and Steve Waddell discussed Haven’s vision for their expanding STEAM programs. Nancy made course choices and drew up plans and Marty gave it the green light.

Nancy was trained to deploy the course by Donna Goodman CTeL’s implementation and training specialist and well the rest is history, or rather the future for Haven’s students.

This course will enable students to think like coders by indulging in project based learning which will be taught via blended learning experience.

This course is rich with content including 180 separate tutorial and industry videos, over 14 app development projects to enable students to learn the basic coding and app designing skills.

Also students are taught how they can best monetize their apps, market them, obtain copyrights, choose legal business entity and all that they need to know to build their career portfolio.

The introduction of this STEM course with the help of CTeLearning is a great step on behalf of Haven High School. Usually it is thought that only larger suburban schools can offer their students these sort of courses but the simple fact is, that is not the case.

No matter where the school is located, the technical background of the educator, if you design the course correctly and provide incredible support to passionate teachers, then perhaps even the sky is not the limit and the students can definitely do wonders.

We’ll visit with Nancy later to find out how her Mobile Application Design course is going.