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High School Curriculum

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Online STEM Curriculum for Schools

Your high school students are being prepared for college and ultimately their future careers in an ever changing, technological world. CTeLearning provides STEM based high school curriculum designed to be simple to teach to your students. You may be surprised at how much you’ll learn yourself!

This curriculum is geared towards high school aged students and contains the latest information on popular subjects such as mobile app development, video game design and web technologies. Being an online curriculum, our courses are always up to date with the latest information to keep up with the concepts in the ever-changing world of STEM.

Be the hero of your school by setting your students up for success. Request a free demo from us today to see how we’ve helped school across the nation implement a robust learning experience for their students.


Easy To Implement

  1. Request a free demo and take a tour of our curricula offerings and free PC, Mac, and Chromebook tool suite.
  2. Learn about our online courses, 3rd party international industry-recognized certifications, and discover what is the best fit for your vision and students.
  3. Choose the course(s) you wish to implement.
  4. We will create your account. Train you and help you implement your course choices.
  5. Share a link and a password with your students so they can self-enroll into you Start using the courseware in your school.

High School STEM Courses

Web design, web languages, frameworks, libraries and the different technologies that power the world wide web.

Hands on experience designing and developing a mobile app that your students can share with friends and family.

Learn video game coding and starting with a simple adventure game to more advanced projects with 3D graphics.

Classroom Resources

Lesson Plans

The lesson plans help you present the various topics and concepts represented in each course. You don’t have to be a pro in the topic you are teaching.


Our curriculum features helpful videos and other forms of visual media to help many different types of student learners.


Each portion in your curriculum will contain projects that provides a hands on experience with the subjects being taught.

Industry Certification

Many of the courses you choose in our high school curriculum have an optional industry certification exam for the students that qualify.


Receive a layout and review for each course you include in your curriculum, giving you an accurate overview of your curriculum.

Expert Insights

Interviews with industry professionals bring insight into not just the course subjects, but finding success in the real world.

Course Badges

Verified badges that your students can proudly display and share on social media platforms showing their skills and accomplishments. Teachers get badges too.

Quizzes & Tests

Each chapter of your courses contains a quiz at the end. In addition, each cluster contains a test covering all of the previous subjects.

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Modern High School School Education

A diverse curriculum is important when it comes to challenging your student’s mind and ensuring everything is up to par with modern learning standards.

Our curriculum employs a diverse array of learning techniques adaptable to your student’s unique learning needs. This provides well-rounded solutions and resources to fuel their success now and in the future.

This is one of many advantages of a detailed online curriculum made with a commitment to educational excellence in STEM.

Put your students in the best position to succeed in our ever changing world, and help them (and you) enjoy the steps along the way.

Curriculum for PC, Mac, Chromebooks & More

Deploy your courses on any device or screen size that your school or students prefer. We assure you it will look great no matter what you choose.

No school should be left out because they aren’t able to use certain hardware. Request a demo today to see our online curriculum in action.

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