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Hamilton Heights STEM Coding

Indiana – Which HS has been teaching Coding and 3D Video Game Design the Longest?

STEM Careers Educator - Eric Fisher

Coding and 3D Video Game Design and STEM Careers Educator – Eric Fisher

Answer – Eric Fisher at Hamilton Heights High School – STEM Career Coding and Video Game Design Course

As of 2018, Hamilton Heights HS is the longest running Coding and 3D Video Game Design Course in the state of Indiana. Congratulations to Eric Fisher for giving the Hamilton Heights students 6 years of this exciting STEM career curriculum. Mr. Fisher’s class is always popular and he is well loved by his students. We caught up with Eric as he was implementing his Spring 2018 Coding and 3D Video Game Design class and asked him some questions.

What are you most excited about for this year?

“The addition of the industry certification for coding is a huge plus to me. I can’t wait to see my students earn these credentials.”

We should note that Hamilton Heights High School will be the first High School in Indiana to graduate students with this new industry certification in coding and game development.

Why did you start to teach coding?

“We listen closely to our graduates. A few years ago, we began hearing about coding in many different collegiate academic pathways. Thus, we started a search for coding curriculum and found CTeLearning.com. Video Game Design appeals to a population of students that is looking for this new pathway. We have offered coding to a section of 25 students each academic year since we started, and the students love it.”

Why do you use CTeLearning.com’s Coding and 3D Video Game Design Curriculum?

“We continue to use CTeLearning due to its rigorous and relevant curriculum. The activities allow students to digest coding while having fun designing and building video games.”

“You might think the number of videos they create for their courses are a bit of an overkill – but that is part of the reason I have been using them continuously for so many years. This video-rich approach works for my students and takes the pressure off of me, which allows me to focus on being there for the students.”

“The support is a big reason I stay with CTeLearning.com. They do not have salespeople – so when you call them you are talking to creators who know what they have and how it works. As with many teachers, this is not my only class. I have a number of other classes I must prep and juggle during the day. I also have a life outside of school. But I never have to worry when I run into a problem or something I do not understand. I simply call or email the CTeLearning.com team and they are there for me. As a teacher, I get direct access to the creators of the course. I feel like we are all part of the same community.”

The Coding and 3D Video Game Design (VGD) curriculum provided by CTeLearning.com helps support the most novice of teachers in an effort to bring coding to the classroom. The online course is designed for the student to learn at their own pace. The online access allows students to access coursework from class, study hall or at home. Numerous game activities are embedded into the curriculum which students enjoy and share. Teachers can use peer tutoring as a means of collaborative learning. Students will soon learn debugging games is just like debugging apps on their phone. Video game design coding reaches far beyond the in-class curriculum.”

“Teaching coding is the same as teaching a foreign language, and as a teacher, you must invest time to learn the language. However, your time is limited. The VGD curriculum takes off the pressure for the teacher. Support materials and videos are there for the coding novice.”

Eric and Hamilton Heights High School are leading the way in Indiana.

The recent State of the State address by Governor Holcomb stated “We also know that science, technology, engineering and math – the STEM subjects – are critical for 21st century jobs – not just Ph.D’s but a growing number of jobs in all the key sectors of our economy, yet the many statewide efforts to boost STEM education are often independent of each other. So we will invest 1 million dollars each year to lead a statewide effort to better coordinate K-12 STEM education throughout Indiana and tap into the synergy that is within our grasp.” later in his address he stated. “So we’ll invest some 2 million dollars in this budget to create regional “Jobs Ready Grants” to help current workers complete credentials or certificates in high-demand, high-wage fields, so they can enter the workforce in more skilled and highly-paid positions.”  

Well Governor Holcomb, you should be proud of Hamilton Heights HS and their commitment to helping their High School students gain certifications now. In doing so, they are saving the state money and helping to build Indiana’s STEM future.

Eric – Congratulations for another year of Coding excellence at Hamilton Heights.