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Course- iWT Introduction to Web Technologies

  /  Course- iWT Introduction to Web Technologies


Windows OS, Mac OS, Chromebook, Linux, Android


Semester / Year


Stackable International Industry-Recognized Certifications

Digital Badge Credential


Web Technologies are intrinsic to our lives and core to our students’ future careers.

This media-rich course provides your learners an engaging project-based learning experience in the breadth of Web Technologies. Web technologies are more than just web pages, and this course gives the learner hands-on experience creating, coding, engaging in an expansive view of the trends and technologies driving the web today.

This course supports exploration in careers related to the design, development, support, and management of hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration services. Students will acquire knowledge and skills enabling them to succeed in a technology-driven society and career pathway. Learners apply reading, writing, computing, communication, and critical thinking throughout this project-based learning experience.

Web technologists are concerned with how computers communicate over the web, how systems connect to and interact with the web and how the most common languages of the internet (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) work to allow information to be shared worldwide.

Learners and teachers do not need any previous coding or design experience for this course.

Along the way they will learn critical thinking skills, apply STEM,  develop confidence, and build a college and career ready portfolio that will help them take their next steps to their future.

Course Specifications

  • Platforms – PC, Mac, Chromebook, *iPad, *Linux, *Android
  • Length – Year ,  Semester
  • Career Cluster – Information Technology
  • International Industry Recognized Certifications – Yes
  • Digital Badge Credential – Yes/Free
  • Level – Middle School, High School, Adult/Post-Secondary
  • Course Delivery – Blended Learning, Online
  • Student Competitions – Available
  • CEUs – Available for Teacher Training
  • Prerequisites for Facilitator – None
  • Prerequisites for Students – None
  • 3rd Party Tools – Web-Based Tools Suite Provided Free
  • TEKS (TEKS 130.308) Aligned

Some of What Teachers Can Expect Their Learners to Achieve:

  • A solid understanding of the basics of web programming with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Ability to demonstrate and apply the design process to websites, web apps and web game development
  • Demonstrate leadership and an understanding of project management
  • Explain the concept of intellectual property and demonstrate the ethical and legal use of technology, online resources, copyrights, and open source resources
  • Identify networking components, server specifications and when a server host, virtual server or local server is the best choice
  • Explain how web technologies are improving digital marketing and web-based businesses
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Explain how technology and market trends can affect careers and industries
  • How to present a design concept to customers, investors, and media
  • Produce sites and apps for a specific target audience
  • Create a portfolio of websites, web apps and web games that can be used to fuel the learner’s next career or education steps.
  • And Much More…

This course is available as a one or two semester offering, depending on how you choose to deploy it.

If you are interested in providing students with marketable skills and an education that prepares them to make a difference in the world, this is the course you have been searching for. Feel free to contact us to receive a free brochure and sample syllabus.

Texas schools – we have a special version of this course that meets the TEKS 130.308 Web Technologies standards. If you are a Texas school, let us know you want to see a demo of the TEKS version.


Some of the Tutorials include:

  • Web-based IDE
  • Learning HTML5 Basics
  • Learning CSS3 Basics
  • Forms and Data
  • Web Protocols, Browsers and Servers
  • Creating Content for Websites and Apps
  • Web Layout
  • Dynamic Website Development

Industry Trends

Some of the Industry Trends include:

  • AI and the Web
  • Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security
  • IOT (Internet of Things)
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Project Management, Planning and QA
  • Software Life Cycle
  • Reliability of Web Content

Real-World Projects

Some of the Learner Projects include:

  • Bucket of Frogs Game Web App
  • Your Company Business Card App
  • Voice Controlled Website App
  • Dynamic Website for Client
  • Personal Portfolio Website
  • Virtual Reality Web App
  • 360 Tour Website
  • Interactive Promotional Game App

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Assessments Built-In

15+ Projects

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