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Let’s Reimagine How High School Students Earn Industry-Recognized Certifications

  /  Let’s Reimagine How High School Students Earn Industry-Recognized Certifications

How CTeLearning and the Web Professionals Organization have reimagined industry certifications.

We need to reimagine the certification process itself. Certification is not about the test or certificate. Certifications represent the experience, knowledge, hard and soft skills, and ability to create products and solve industry problems creatively.

We decided to take a more holistic approach to create the whole future professional.

Tests are a great model for testing companies (a nearly two billion dollar industry in the US).

However, studies show that nearly 60% of students suffer from significant test anxiety.

Being a good test taker is a school thing, not an industry thing.

Hear how we reimagined the approach and created a more just industry-relevant approach that is better for educators, students, and industry.

Why are these called International Industry-Recognized Certifications? Who are the Web Professionals Organization (WebProfessionalsGlobal.org)?

An experience that focuses on contextual learning by doing. Highly interactive PBL that is easy to facilitate and, like any good blockbuster movie, builds to a finale that is the industry credentials.

Students are immersed in a project-based learning experience whereby they create products, solve real-world problems, and engage with all of the concepts and domains of the industry certification. But with a twist!

Our innovative PBL curricula are easier to facilitate, slash prep time, and amplify teachers’ connection with their students. But what does that matter if a school can’t afford to deliver the credentials? How does that propel the student forward and grow the industry? Hear how we have solved this.