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Live Rural, Learn Rural and Work (Earn) Global – Rural STEM Education

Live Rural, Learn Rural and Work (Earn) Global Initiative – Announcement

Flint Hills - Where my family homesteaded.

Flint Hills – Where my family homesteaded.

There is no reason for the brain drain that has happened for the past few decades to continue to happen in our rural parts of the US.

Somewhere along the line people became to believe that if you wanted to be a part of a STEM/STEAM career you had to move to an urban/suburban area. Ten or fifteen years ago I would have agreed with that, but not today.

We tell our students how they are competing globally for their jobs. We tell them scary bedtime stories of how people in other countries are going to take all our jobs.

But, let’s look at this way. What is allowing students who are learning and being trained in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, China, Brazil, Panama or (insert country) to have the opportunity to work virtually for anyone? The internet that is what, and that is the key.

Admittedly, in the US many of our regional areas are still a bit behind in getting high-speed access to the web. But, times are changing and more and more equity in quality high-speed access is happening.

For me, I see that the same connectivity that is allowing people from thousands of miles away to work for US businesses is the same access that would allow a motivated American to sell their talents regionally and globally.

Announcing a “Live Rural, Learn Rural and Work(Earn) Global Initiative.

We are discounting our courses to rural districts so that they can purchase our STEM and STEAM courses just as if they were a large district. Leveling the playing field a bit more.

I believe that we can show learners that they can enjoy living where they want and can have the career paths they want without moving to where they don’t want. Rural students are just as talented as urban/suburban learners.

Creativity, drive, talent, and entrepreneurship are pervasive throughout our country and crosses all boundaries.

I Love Coding words on a white button or pin for a programmer, coder or website developer or application engineer

Coding is a great example of a STEM career where you can live anywhere and be successful.

I may be very naïve (this would not be the first time), but I don’t think so. I believe CTeL will be able to show students getting STEM training, earning STEM industry certifications and getting paid internships all while remaining in their rural districts.

I believe we can show a way that students and schools can become the catalyst for new STEM economic growth in rural America.
Call me crazy. I don’t care – we are doing this anyway.

So, if you are interested in seeing if your school qualifies as part of our “Live Rural, Learn Rural and Work(Earn) Global Initiative” then contact us today. If you want to talk to one of our rural districts who are taking part in this initiative, then contact us today. If you want to call me crazy – well that’s ok too.

Designer Coder Jobs in Newspaper. Job Search Concept.

Live anywhere and create the stories of businesses that build economies.

Have fun – Steve
Steve Waddell
Founder CTeLearning.com / I Support Learning, Inc.