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At the end of this course, the learner may have the opportunity to earn the industry certification offered by the WebProfessionals.org association. The Mobile App Apprentice Exam Certification is a full industry certification. This exam is proctored at the institution where the course was delivered.

Prior to taking the exam the learner must meet the meeting the minimum requirements to take the exam. The recommending instructor will audit to see that the student has all the exam prerequisites and will recommend the learner for the exam. The exam will be delivered at an approved proctored location, either physical or online as determined by the WebProfessionals.org.

The WebProfessionals.org is an international industry association for IT professionals engaged in web design and connected web applications. The WebProfessionals.org has been serving IT professionals for over 25 years. WebProfessionals.org are the proud supporters of SkillsUSA, WorldSkills International, and numerous competitions and events that help provide learners with their professional career goals.

Any questions about a student’s availability to sit for this exam must be directed to their course instructor. 

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