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MindsInSTEM – Our STEAM Professional Development Partner

  /  MindsInSTEM – Our STEAM Professional Development Partner

Founder Dr. Mauricio Castillo Minds In STEM MindsInSTEM.com

MindsInSTEM.com – Why MIS is our Professional Development partner?

MInds In STEM’s founder, Dr. Mauricio Castillo is a veteran Career and Technical Education / STEAM educator. Dr. Castillo has been a part of our STEM advisory team since 2007 and has coached us in course standards and STEAM instructional development. He and his company gets it.  We love the way he describes what their PD company does. Let me share it with you.

Every student is unique in the learning styles and skills they possess. That is why we use proven course-ware, curricula and will create exclusive learning experiences to engage each learner.For every unique student, there is a unique educator. The finest professional development understands that teachers have their own learning styles and their own learning needs and goals. We tailor our STEAM Professional Development to ensure teachers are prepared to lead successful STEAM classes that fit their learning styles and the vision for the classrooms. We substantiate our professional development with ongoing support and mentorship to guarantee the opportunity of becoming a high performing STEAM educator.educator.

Dr. Castillo and his team are our “Go To” for effective professional development. He understands that PD stands for Professional development, but every teacher is unique and so PD also means personalized development.


Sequence Charts for CTeLearning.com curricula. 2018 CTeLearning.com STEAM/STEM Courses All

2018 CTeLearning.com Example Coding High School STEAM/STEM Course Sequences

2018 CTeLearning.com Example High School STEAM/STEM Course Sequences

iVGD – Coding and 3D Video Game Design

Examples of Students Edutainment Projects **Be Sure To Full Screen Video**

Examples of Students Carbonade Client “Marketing Game” Projects **Be Sure To Full Screen Video**