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New CTeLearning Course Features for 2021

What is new for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year? 

Well, quite a bit. 

Thanks again this year to all of our clients for trusting in us, giving us the feedback we need to create new features they need, and kindly pointing out when a bug slipped out from under the boot of testing. 

We have been working non-stop, except when we get distracted by squirrel videos.

A quick video overview.


Here are some new features to our suite of career pathway courses:

Embedded Certification Exams

Embedded Certifications + Free International Industry-Recognized Certifications + Industry Association Membership  (High School and Middle School)

Thanks to a couple of conversations with teachers (shout-out to Jessica, Jeff, Doug, and Jill), we went to our partner professional association, the Web Professionals Organization (WebProfessionalsGlobal.org), and had a chat. Moving forward, you will know which students have met the (international industry-recognized certifications) IIRC minimal requirements. As of 3/29/21 the Web Professionals are partnering with us to all your students, who complete a CTeLearning approved course, will earn and receive, at no cost, the international industry-recognized certification (IIRC) attached to the course.  Your students who complete the course and earn their IIRC also receive a year membership to the Web Professionals (WebProfessionalsGlobal.org).  BTW Teachers you have not been forgotten. You will receive your educator’s membership alongside your students.

**** Folks…. I hope you realize what this means. It means now, you can tell your administrators, parents, PTO, local business, and your students that every student who completes your course meets the minimum requirements will receive an IIRC, and membership to the international association for all things web. This is huge and has taken years to build up to. Remember, the certifications alone typically cost $100 each per student. How does this get done? Each organization is committing the financial resources to make the free IIRCs happen for you and your students.

I know how many of you had tried in the past to find a way to help your students pay for their certification and a professional membership. I hope you will agree this is worth it.

We need to say one more thing about this exciting news. Thank you, Web Professionals (WebProfessionalsGlobal.org), for working with us to make this happen.

Virtual Internship Model

Shout-out to Doug, Tanya, Troy, Mauricio, Hassan, and Vickey for this one. Many of you use our virtual internship (VI) series courses, and some of you have a blend of our VI courses and career pathway courses. As of the 2021-2022 school year, the career pathway courses will now get a VI project built in. 

Most of you will know that the VI model concept has always been my baby, including well since before I even started the company. I can’t wait to incorporate the new updated VI projects model into our career and certification preparatory courses. Incorporating the VI into all our courses has been a long time coming.

Holistic Career Readiness – Personal Finance

Shout-out to Diane, Paige, and Mark for giving us the inspiration. We all know past students and friends’ kids who go out and get their first true career job and start making money.  Within a year or less, they can’t pay their rent or car payment and start asking mom and dad for help. Unfortunately, they become part of the 60% of young adults who have to go to their parents for money. We know it is not your job to teach personal finance—however, we know our teachers, and you always do more. So, if class time allows, you can help. As of the 2021 school year, all of our courses have a simple, straightforward personal finance project that uses our VI story-driven approach to give your students a personal experience in planning finances for the first year in their career. Fortunately, as many of you know, we built a full personal finance online course, which means we have the experience and the content. We have taken our interactive content on planning and budgets, curated it, compressed it, and sprinkled in some love to create a dynamic project that you can turn on for students, if you wish, to give them some additional financial wisdom. Their parents and employers will thank you.  

New Free Creative Tools and some Updates to Old Friends

CTeLearning will share a new free Animation tool for schools who adopt the Web Animation course. Now you can offer this Industry Certification course without the need for an expensive Adobe Animate license.

Updates to CloudCode IDEs Pro, Lite and Live all getting some additional love. Thanks so much to Zain, Yasmin, Pat and Yusuf for helping us test out the updates at their schools.

New Free Design Templates for course capstone portfolio projects adding some additional career-ready polish.

New Career Soft Skills Series – Now available for secondary education

Our secondary educators always benefit from our industry partnerships, and once again, we are bringing some of our global workforce and adult education training expertise to your programs. Our new Remote Working Professional Course with IIRC has been modified for secondary education  and is ready for you. This 4-hour interactive course combines media-rich training with the certification assessment built right in. Your students (and you) can earn a career-building certification steeped in the soft-skills and knowledge necessary to land a remote working job. Soft skills are universally required for both technical and non-technical positions, and remote workers make 8.3% more than non-remote workers for the same job qualifications. This certification comes directly from the Web Professionals Organization. Bonus – this course has robust interview training focused on interviewing remotely and landing a remote work position. 

Stay tuned for more updates, new courses and check out our courses for more information.


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