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STEAM Career – High School Student Doesn’t Wait To Get Started – Parkinson’s App

As part of our ongoing collaboration with KCALSI in producing STEM and STEAM content, we had the amazing opportunity to meet with Erin Smith of Shawnee Mission West. Since we are a STEAM education development company anytime we get to meet students who are not waiting to start using their passions and talents is always a good day for us.

Erin Smith from KCALSI on Vimeo.

In this particular case, we got the opportunity to meet with Erin who talked about her how she got an idea as a sophomore. As a junior, taught herself coding, built her technology (in her basement), and patented it, now as an award-winning senior she is literally getting to travel the world and speak about her product and success.

STEAM Education

Erin Smith BioGenious 2017 Award – www.biotechinstitute.org

Any student who has had to suffer through one of my talks about STEM or STEAM careers has heard me say “Why Wait!” I was blown away by how Erin did not wait. She had an idea she knew in her heart would positively effect a change in Parkinson’s disease outcomes and she went for it.

I do not want to steal her thunder, so share this video with your students and remind your students that there is no reason to wait to make a difference.

You can begin your career any time you wish.

There is never a better time than now to get started.

Rumor is she makes a killer white chili.

Our STEAM educators will see a link to this video in our Web and Mobile App Industry Certification and the new Intro to Apps and Games Industry Certification courses as well as some extended activities you may wish to use around this topic.

Congrats on all your success Erin – Have fun – Steve

**Shout out to our video team – Bret, Shawn, Nate – we always have fun – love working with you – Steve