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Pennsylvania High School Business Student Gets Paid Internship – Thanks to Coding and Mobile App Design Course

Everybody is smiling, which is good, considering this is a shot from an early morning meeting between  Jacob, and his paid internship client the Big Time Grain Company. BTGC is a Midwest regional band who is growing by leaps and bounds. BTGC is now at a point where their fan base is asking for more and more ways to connect and engage. BTGC’s tour schedule is heating up, and they want a way to engage their community 24/7 in a relevant, organic and fun way.  They are looking for a fresh approach that matches their personality.

Paid Internship High School Student Mobile Application and Design Course STEM education

Paid Internship High School Student Mobile Application and Design Course

This is where Jacob comes in. Jacob is in the Mobile Application Design and Development industry course at Hempfield. As part of this course, he has learned about coding, app design, user interface, user experience, monetization strategies, software/app lifecycles, and how to move a design from concept to prototype to market. The course gave him the confidence to take on a real-world project.

Today, Jacob presented some of his first mobile app concepts to Chad Bourquin (one of the founders of Big Time Grain Co. ) that would help BTGC amp up their connections with their growing music community. Jacob is getting to show the world what he has been learning in Mr. Valenti’s class. Jacob knows he is getting an incredible opportunity.  His work has already impressed the band. He still has more work to do, but he is well on the way to delivering a terrific concept and solution to his client.

How did Jacob get this chance? Pat Valenti teachers Business and STEM at Hempfield Area Senior High School. Pat worked with CTeLearning.com to place one of his students in a paid internship. Steve Waddell at CTeL works with small businesses to find companies who can offer paid internships for high school students. Steve does a bit of a match-making process and aligns the student’s talents and passions with businesses who can use their bright minds. These businesses are looking for persons with the STEM / STEAM (STEM+Arts) skills to help them create solutions within their organizations.

Why did Big Time Grain Company sign on for a paid internship with a High School student?

That is a fair question. First,  I showed BTGC the real-world learning experience our courses deliver. I showed them that there were students ready for an internship,  who can deliver industry-level work combined with a fresh approach. I explained how the relationships we have with the teachers who use our courses allow us to speak to incredible learning experiences happening in the classes. We continue to help create paid internships around the US, but it is the students who are making the internships such a success. This is incredible fun. “ – Steve Waddell

All of us at CTeLearning.com appreciate how Pat Valenti and the administration at Hempfield Area Senior High are stepping up and partnering to make opportunities like this happen for their students.

These internships cost nothing to the school to setup. CTeLearning does this , as they can, to continue to raise the bar for STEM and STEAM (STEM+Arts)  Career and Technical Education – and because it is fun.