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Remote Working Professional Certification with Interview Training – Jooble

  /  Remote Working Professional Certification with Interview Training – Jooble

With your 20% jooble.org scholarship discount, the Remote Working Professional Certification + Interview Preparation Course is reduced from $99 USD to just $79.

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Take Your Career To The Next Level

Do you dream of ditching your commute and working from home? Due to COVID-19 shifting the way we live and work, many people like you have taken the plunge into the world of remote work, performing their jobs from home, coffee shops, libraries, and more. Companies are hiring for remote potions more than ever before. 
In just four hours, you can transform yourself into the new world of remote work by taking the Remote Working Professional course and earning your Remote Working Professional Certification, learning how to thrive in the new world of remote work. 
The certification is internationally recognized and backed by experts in a wide variety of industries, making it an in-demand certification that gives you instant credibility, no matter what industry you work in. Whether you are a medical coder, customer service representative, web designer, accountant or technical writer, this course is for you. 
Maybe you are transitioning from the military or a field like manufacturing or retail. The course will prepare you perfectly to take the next step in your career.
The course features video interviews with professionals in a variety of industries who have worked remotely for years and share their top tips and tricks to prepare you to become a successful remote worker.
Whether you are a corporate employee who works at home, someone who is transitioning to a new remote work career, or a freelancer who works in coffee shops, you can learn the skills needed to flourish in a remote career in just 4 hours. 
Certification Work From Home

I would say my favorite part of the remote worker course was the interview section. Please TAKE NOTES in this section, it is pure gold! Not only did it prepare me for my web design interview, but my interviewers actually stopped several times to say how amazing my responses were because they felt that I had researched how to answer their questions perfectly. They were so incredibly impressed and my confidence skyrocketed. This section really made me think about how I would specifically answer their questions and how I could create a lasting impression and it did just that.” Angelica N – Certified Remote Working Professional February 2021

Learn How To Ace Your Job Interview

The course includes a special chapter on how to answer the questions that job interviewers most commonly ask. Let an employer who has hired numerous employees explain to you how to best answer the most challenging questions that often trip up applicants. Don’t be unprepared for your next job interview—this course will prepare you to enter your next job interview with the confidence needed to ace the interview and get the job.
Interview questions you will be able to answer include:
Why should we hire you?
How not to kill the interview?
What does success mean to you?
You have an edge.
What is your biggest concern about working from home?
Why did you leave your previous position?
What is your biggest weakness?
And much more…
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