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Retirement Announcements – Desktop Courses Decide to Retire – Finally

Retirement Announcements

November 2012 – Desktop Versions of ISL Courses are proud to announce their retirement date.  

ISL Courses listed below are due to retire as of November 2012. In 2011 ISL began releasing the new 4.x online versions of their courses. These new award winning versions are not only more engaging and interactive than the earlier 1.0 – 3.x version, but easier for the educator to deploy.

Frankly, the older versions got together and admitted it was time to retire. Horticulture and Landscape Design was the first course released in 2003 summed it up by saying “I am tired. stick a fork in me I am done. It’s time to let the new award winning online courses, those young whipper snappers, start doing some work around here.”

Below is a list of the desktop versions that are retiring. Needless to say they are turning over their duties to newer, better and stronger set of online courses whose numbers are growing along with their accolades.

Retired Courses (All Versions 1.x -3.x)

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robotics
  2. Robots and Invention
  3. Building Green and Residential Home Design
  4. Cartoon Animation
  5. Web Game Design
  6. Video Game Design
  7. Movie Video Production
  8. Biotechnology

These courses are reinvented in ISL’s award winning and new 4.x online version. Institutions may exchange their desktop versions of any existing ISL course for a discounted upgrade to an unlimited suite access of ISL’s new 4.x version.

Discount period is coming to a close. Contact ISL to lock in your upgrade.

This simply means that ISL will cease supporting ISL desktop versions 1.0 – 3.0. The educator support forums for these desktop courses are still accessible.

If you have any technical issues with any of these “retired courses” versions ISL may or may not be able to assist you.

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