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STEM Internship Kicks Off at Haven HS – Mobile Apps meets Animal Health Corridor

Tmlsswebsite960Another STEM internship kicked off for Haven HS. Alyssa E had her first face to face meeting with part of the TMLS Studios creative team. Alyssa along with her STEM Educator Jessica Wilson of Haven High School met with TMLSStudios.com to learn more about their needs. Alyssa got this paid internship due to her newly acquired Mobile Application Design Industry Certification (which she received through her Mob App course at Haven) and her passion for science.

The science angle is important to TMLSStudios. “We are a creative video production and digital media company embedded in the Life Sciences community. We are based in Kansas City, which is right in the middle of the Animal Health Corridor. Our passion is for telling the stories of the incredible research happening all around us.” Bret Bourquin continued, “Universities, Hospitals, Contract Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies are all making great strides in improving human and animal health. We are living in a part of the world where the next big leaps forward in biotech, pharma, and the life sciences are happening – today.”

Media Approach

STEM Student get Paid Internship in Mobile Application Development

STEM Student get Paid Internship in Mobile Application Development

Alyssa will be helping TMLS Studios find new ways to utilize a combined media approach of Mobile Application, Website, and Social Media to expand their business. “We are looking for new ideas. Our customers are the researchers, companies, and individuals all working to improve all our lives. We want to tell their stories. But, to have the opportunity to tell these stories, we need the best and brightest in the life sciences to know we are here. Alyssa is getting the chance to help us improve how we present ourselves. We look forward to hearing her ideas.” – Bret Bourquin Creative Director.

About this region, the area between Manhattan Kansas and Columbia Missouri is known as the Animal Health Corridor. Within this 300 mile stretch is where one-third of all of the world’s animal health research and development occurs. Due to the synergy between animal and human research, the region is seeing exponential growth in the human life sciences.

Haven High School STEM / Business Department also offers these courses:
Mobile Application Design and Development
Coding and 3D Video Game Design

Alyssa is getting this opportunity as part of CTeLearning.com’s Paid Internship Program. As of 2016 CTeLearning.com’s founder, Steve Waddell began realizing his dream of STEM students getting Paid Internships. Steve has worked to find over 20 businesses willing to offer this type of real-world experiences to motivated, qualified, and excited STEM learners. From the picture, you can tell everyone is having fun.

Congratulations to educator Jessica Wilson, Alyssa E and business owner Bret Bourquin on their internship partnership.