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Teaching Critical Thinking AI ChapGPT

Steve Rants – AI , ChatGPT and the Disaster of the University Student Who Gets Locked Out of Car

Every once and a while, we let Steve our the lead developer rant. Here is his latest.
News Article Student Disaster Teaching Critical Thinking ChatGPT AI

“We are seeing an explosion of AI and Machine Learning tools all being developed by people who have already put in the hard work to learn critical thinking skills. Apps like ChatGPT can rob teachers of the opportunity to help students gain the foundational critical thinking skills life demands. Students are so often too young to understand what they are sacrificing by relying on an AI to hurry up and just to get something written. Just getting something written is not what learning is about. Creating something meaningful and of value is what education is about. I do believe that at least for Career and Technical Education tools like ChatGPT will hinder the development of the critical thinking skills all professions demand. We think in language. Therefore we solve problems using language. If you rely on something else to formulate the words, then you have sacrificed the how part of solving problems. If we want the generation in school now to be ready for the world to come, we need to keep these AI writing tools out of education and consider them at the level of plagiarization.”

“Education is too important. We have to protect it from destroying our kids abilities to think.”

OK – back to work. – Steve


(BTW – I wrote the article – but gang – this is where we are heading)