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Summer Coding Camp Online School of Web

Summer Online Program Earns Students Industry Credentials – Web Professionals Association’s School of Web

Calling All Future Web Professionals, Web Technologists and Web Designers

2019 Summer Online Classes forming NOW

  • Do you want to shape the future of the web?
  • Are you new to coding?
  • Are you creative?
  • Are you interested in creating Web Apps, Web Sites Development, Virtual Reality, Web-Based Games, Web Pages, and Voice Controlled Apps?
  • Do you want to earn your first industry credentials NOW and become part of a professional association?
  • Do you dream of being a web designer or developer? Owning your own technology company? Are you interested in learning how to design web pages, websites and web-based interactive fiction games all while learning how to code in the newest version of HTML5 and CSS3?
  • Do you like to work at your own pace and do you learn well by watching videos and working hands-on?
  • Are between the ages of 13 and 18?  – Then you may be the future web professional we want to meet.

The Web Professionals Association’s School of Web ( www.schoolofweb.org )  is hosting these exciting courses this summer.

This year the School of Web is offering two dynamic career experience and credential building experiences.

Introduction to Web Technologies

This media-rich course provides an engaging project-based learning experience in the breadth of Web Technologies. Web technologies are more than just web pages, and this course gives the learner hands-on experience creating, coding, and engaging in an expansive view of the trends and technologies driving the web today. You will create web pages, web sites, web games, virtual reality app, 360 app and voice controlled web app.  This is a media rich and highly interactive hands-on course. Interactive tutorials, videos and engaging sandbox coding activities help you to learn coding HTML and CSS3 that will allow you shape the future of the web.

Web technologists are concerned with how computers communicate over the web, how systems connect to and interact with the web and how the most common languages of the internet (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) work to allow information to be shared worldwide.


Introduction to Web Design and Development

Companies of all sizes need web designers and developers to build and maintain their corporate brand story. This course will teach you the basics of how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to build websites from the ground up. Concept design, layout, content creation and messaging are the skills that companies hire for. You will focus on the skills that companies hire for including, web coding, targeted messaging and branding. By design, this is a media rich and highly interactive hands-on course. Over one hundred fifty tutorial videos and interactive sandbox coding activities help you to learn coding HTML and CSS3 that will allow you shape the future of the web.


No Prior Experience is required…

Web Professionals is offering online with no prior experience is required. These classes are open to anyone ages 13-18 who aspires to be a web professional or develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to create web sites, apps and games. These courses can be completed in 2-3 weeks depending on the pace you set for yourself. You will have between June 1 and August 15 to complete the course and take the the optional industry certificate exam. Enrollment begins May 1 and ends July 21.

    • Get ahead – this is your chance to learn the fundamentals of web design and coding from practicing professionals, earn industry credentials, and become part of a professional organization.
    • Begin learning a new career – jump-start your understanding of web design, web technologies and web coding. Don’t try to do it on your own. We have the interactive courseware and experienced teachers to give you feedback and help you succeed.
    • Learn at your own pace – your selected course may take about two to three weeks to complete. The course is well organized with concise instructional videos, sandbox coding playground and real-world guided assignments. This course is flexible and can work around your schedule.
    • You will have access to an experienced online teacher – you have likely encountered many classes where you “learn on your own.” This class is different. If you have a question (or need a little encouragement), you can reach out to an actual teacher (someone who is a web professional and taught web development online for many years). They are there to help you.
    • Manage your own professional subdomain on a server – as a member of our association you will have a subdomain where you can share examples of your work and begin building a professional portfolio. You will be able to share your work on the web with your friends, family, college recruiters and potential employers. This is optional, but is a wonderful opportunity to have your work and portfolio under the Web Professionals domain.
    • Earn a certificate – Once you have completed this coursework, you are eligible to take the Web Professionals Association novice level industry certification exam on web design and coding, or web technologies. All course completers will also receive a Web Professionals Association Endorsed Digital Badge you may proudly add to your email signature and social media.
    • Become a member of a professional organization – student membership in Web Professionals is included with either of these courses.

Courses Provides:

  • Free suite of web tools, no additional cost and nothing for you to download High School Summer Camp Online Web Design Coding Working
  • Media-rich interactive lesson with over 100 tutorial videos.
  • Real world assignments and career oriented projects.
  • An experienced US based educator and web professional to help mentor you through your course.
  • The ability to practice and play with the code as you learn. Interactive lessons teach you and give you immediate visual feedback as you code.
  • Certification exam, certificate and digital credentials

Hardware needed? – Any PC, Mac or Chromebook 

Additional software needed?  – Free suite of web-based tools provided

All this for $495. Sure, many take time off in the summer and can show photos of their experiences. Why not get experiences that may lead to a high paying career in the fields of web design, web technologies and coding. You can still take some time to get sunburned, swat at mosquitoes and mow the yard. But what if you accomplished a bit more this summer? When you complete this course and earn your certificate, build a portfolio, post your industry endorsed badges on social media everybody will know what you did over the summer.

If you think this approach is for you, click the this link.

Click Here to Learn More – School of Web Summer Online Classes