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Course- Sustainable Landscape Design

  /  Course- Sustainable Landscape Design


PC, Mac, *Chromebook, *iPad, *Linux, *Android




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CoA Certificate

Calling New Landscape Designers

Landscape and Horticulture is over a 60 Billion dollar a year STEM / STEAM (STEM + Arts) industry in the US. Our course will allow your students to invent new outdoor living spaces that are sustainable and add value to a property.

This is a high demand career that expects much from new landscape designers including: 3D CAD drawings, optimal plant choice, model plant growth, sustainability issues and water management.

Neither teachers nor learners need any previous design or cad experience for this course. This is a media rich and highly interactive hands-on course. Tutorial videos step students through sketching and 3D CAD design and expert videos coach students through the broader concepts of design, style, and sustainability.

Along the way they will learn critical STEM skills, develop confidence, and build a college and career ready portfolio. Let this be an exciting introduction and great first step towards advanced education or their career.

If you are interested in providing students with marketable skills and an education that prepares them to make a difference in the world, this is the course you have been searching for.

Course Specifications

  • Platforms – PC, Mac, *Chromebook, *iPad, *Linux, *Android
  • Length – Semester
  • Career Cluster – Information Technology
  • Industry Certifications – CoA Certificate
  • Level – Middle School, High School, Post-Secondary
  • Course Delivery – Blended Learning, Online
  • Student Competitions – Available
  • CEUs – Available for Teacher Training
  • Prerequisites for Facilitator – None
  • Prerequisites for Students – None
  • 3rd Party Tools – Yes Required

Some of What Teachers Can Expect Their Learners to Achieve:

  • Understand the basics of sketching, 3D CAD, shapes, measurements and dimensions.
  • Understand the Design Process
  • Understand the basics of landscape design including textures, depth, scale, color and style
  • Recognize what it takes to be a professional in the industry
  • Demonstrate how to choose the correct plants to meet customer taste, needs and the demands of sustainable design practices ( plant hardiness, planting zones)
  • Able to analyze, test and critically review their work and use feedback to improve their sustainable landscape design
  • How to present a green design and its benefits to a client
  • Create a Portfolio of sustainable landscape designs that demonstrate an understanding of how to incorporate green approaches to varied design challenges.
  • Create a working hand sketch of a design and translate the design into a 3D CAD system
  • Understand the difference between traditional and green design concepts including xeriscaping.
  • Apply varied math concepts to support good design decisions
  • Understand plant growth characteristics and predict how the design will age over 20 years
  • Understand how plant choices, plant hardiness and planting zones affect the success of a design over the long term.

* Our online curriculum is fully PC, Mac, Chromebook ready, and mobile friendly. The design program (CAD) is PC and Mac ready. Give us a call to talk more about how this course can run with your existing technology.

50+ Videos

8 Assessments

3+ Projects

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