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Ten Inspiring STEM Books for Students

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is a unique approach to teaching young students in their formative years. Using this particular method, it’s important to better understand what it takes to help students as they find their path and develop as intellectual beings.

To set them in the right direction, it’s time to look at the top ten inspirational STEM books for students.

Top Ten STEM Books for Students

1) Math-terpieces (Greg Tang)

This wonderful book is a beautiful blend of art and math. The premise is simple enough. You look at each art piece, consider the math problem, and answer it to the best of your ability. Greg Tang has taken his time putting together this tremendous book and it shows through the depth of each math problem and how much it makes the student think.

It opens their mind in a way that’s essential and beneficial.

2) Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist Series (Jim Benton)

This comedic book is an example of educational topics having the opportunity to be fun. Too many people assume STEM books can’t be entertaining when that’s simply not the case!

Jim Benton puts together this fascinating tale with Franny as the lead protagonist. It takes the mad scientist through a journey of fun-filled experiments illustrating the beauty of trying hard and never losing your creativity as a student.

3) The Most Magnificent Thing (Ashley Spires)

This is a STEM book about two characters, a young girl and her dog.

When the girl starts to feel let down by what’s happening around her, it’s the dog that shows up by her side and continues to push her forward. It’s a great look into the world of education and what it means to keep trying as a student. Hardships come up in many different ways and a student should feel comfortable in continuing even when things don’t look easy at first.

While most students won’t have a dog that can do this, they can certainly make use of this inspirational STEM book!

4) How Machines Work: Zoo Break! (David Macaulay)

Sloth and Sengi want to get away from the zoo by any means necessary. This simple requirement takes them through a tremendous selection of experimental solutions. If they don’t get it right, the escape is impossible and that’s what captivates readers. It’s a STEM book that takes you along for the journey and even leaves you investing in their ability to figure things out.

5) Ada Twist, Scientist (Andrea Beaty)

Ada loves trying new things and experimenting as much as she can. It’s the way her brain works and it’s what motivates her. This STEM book is a glance into Ada’s way of living and what her mindset allows her to do from start to finish. As a high-quality book, this is truly inspirational for young students needing a kick in the right direction as they hope to figure things out too.

6) Math Curse (Jon Scieszka)

A young girl is dealing with a math curse where everything she does involves some type of math problem. Even something as simple as getting to school is now requiring a math problem to be solved.

It’s a hilarious journey with many twists and turns along the way.

As a STEM book, it highlights how important math can be even if it remains hidden in the background. Sometimes, the simplest of things involve math even if it’s not as obvious as one would assume.

7) Nick and Tesla Series (Steve Hockensmith)

Science and technology are used in this STEM book to figure out how to manage experimental problems. To do this, Steve Hockensmith makes use of three fascinating characters in the form of Nick, Tesla, and their Uncle Newt. Each character has a fun role to play and it leads readers down a unique path of intrigue.

In terms of inspiration, this is a brilliant STEM book with numerous qualities involving the world of innovation.

8) Super Cool Tech (DK)

Ever thought about understanding what a 3D printing car would look like? What about understanding the concept of bionic suits? Super Cool Tech is just as the name suggests. It offers a unique perspective into the way technology is being formed and the role it has to play in modern society.

It also aims to motivate in the form of future innovations, which may be right around the corner with the help of young, creative minds.

These innovations include artificial intelligence and even teleportation!

9) Secret Coders (Gene Luen Yang)

Hopper and his buddies offer a fun-filled look into the odd occurrences at their school. As they pay attention, the school begins to deal with robotic birds and it’s up to them to put a stop to this.

The interactive graphic novel is a unique element that plays well in illustrating what such realities bring with them. As Hopper and his friends aim to fend off the evil janitor, students can truly recognize what it means to deal with robots and artificial intelligence.

10) Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women (Catherine Thimmish)

From the diaper to underwater lamps, women have become central figures in the world of innovations. This STEM book is an inspiring book for young girls and boys as they look at some of the finest female inventors to have ever lived. Each biography is entertaining, motivating, and insightful.

Students get the opportunity to learn about these individuals and why their contributions changed society for the better. It’s an inspirational read and can get the creative juices flowing for young students.


These STEM books are well-regarded across the world and have become an integral part of the curriculum. It’s important to look at this list and incorporate these into the student’s educational setup. By doing this, they will learn more and truly maximize their potential from an educational perspective.

Please note, these are just some of the inspirational STEM books available to students and there are many more out there to consider!