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Hear From Our Teachers and Students

For over 15 years we have been providing innovative curriculum to help our wonderful teachers deliver the best educational experiences to their students. We pride ourselves on responding to the wisdom of our community of teachers and implementing their feedback to continuously improve our courses and do meaningful work.

Below are some testimonials from our teachers and students about our work.


“I have always put a piece of myself into every class I teach, and I believe this is important if teachers want to get students to “buy in” to the learning. Because there is flexibility in the delivery of CTeLearning courses, teachers can supersede the cloud-driven (what I call autopilot courseware) aspect and embellish the content with in-person instruction. I have been working with CTeLearning for over five years, and I keep coming back, so that should tell you something.”

John Takacs, West Morris Regional High School NJ

“As far as support it is great to work with everyone there, anytime I have a question somebody immediately got back to me with an answer. In fact, the turnaround time has been tremendous which enables me to be able to take care of the kids in a quick manner and get them going before any frustration sets in. So, that’s been a big thing on our end is the fact that everyone there gets back to us right away and we can take care of what we need to take care of quickly. ”

Kim Schor, Branson High School CO

“One of the big initiatives in Pennsylvania is getting students “future-ready.” This is the idea that all students should leave high school with 21st-century skills. Even if they’re not intending to go into a computer science field, there’s a recognition that every field involves computers in some way. And so there’s a real emphasis towards growing computer science in general. And there’s a sense that it should be not just rigorous, but also meaningful. The industry certifications have been a really big part of that. They provide a real legitimacy to the course, both from the perspective of school administration and from the perspective of the students themselves. It really proves to the students that they did something. They can get an “A” in a lot of courses, but to get an industry-recognized certification gives them legitimacy in the world at large. It’s something they can put on their college applications and job resumes.”

Cathy Costello Pennsbury High School PA

“I have been working with CTeLearning for over 12 years now, so when you have chosen to use a company’s curriculum for that long, it shows what you think about their curricula and service.”

Doug Devine North High School Eau Claire WI


“Having an industry certification shows that I can work hard, do what is expected of me, and show that I can take on any tasks.”

James, Student S and S High School TX

This course has definitely reignited my love for learning. It wasn’t a series of lectures, but a bunch of hands-on activities where I could apply what I’d learned to a live situation by making anywhere from a ten-second advertisement to a minute-long commercial! It helped me realize what I was capable of, both individually and as a part of a team.

Lindsey, Student North High School ECASD WI

“The thing I enjoy most about video game design is having the ability to expand my creativity. This class easily makes me satisfied because not only do I get to have more creativity than usual, but I also get to use that in my passion for video games.”

Gavin, Student S and S High School TX

“my father was bragging at Christmas that I’m going to graduate high school already having an industry certification in my field, even before I get to college.”

Jessica, Student Pennsbury High School PA

Lance Gerodias – Academy Instructor / Charter Oak HS / CA
Coding and 3D Video Game Design , Mobile Application Coding Industry Certification Courses – Customer Since 2014

Diane Runde / Craig HS
Sustainable Landscape Design
*1st Customer Ever – Started using our courses back in 2004

Ed LaChapelle / Douglas HS / MA
Coding and 3D Video Game Design
Customer Since 2007

Troy Coffey / El Rancho Charter School / CA
Coding and 3D Video Game Design
Mobile Application Design
*Most Winning-est Middle School Teacher FGDC

Charter Oak High School
STEM Coding and 3D Video Game Design Students
Coding and earning industry certifications

Nikki Jarvis / Adelanto HS / CA
Web and Computer Animation with Marketing

Steve Duft / Haven HS / KS – 360 Vid
Sustainable Landscape Design
Building Green and Residential Architecture
*1st KS Teacher with Building Green
*Started with us in 2004

Hannah S / Hempfield Area HS / PA – Video
First Woman to Receive Web Design Industry Certification
STEM High School Student of Pat Valenti HAHS

<iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/-c4a3XnF72s?rel=0″ width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” ></iframe><!– –><!– –>

Dr. Yusuf Al Hassan / Secondary CTE
Coding and 3D Video Game Design
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Researcher, Urban and Summer Programs

Kim Schor / Branson School District / CO
iWD Web Design with Marketing
iVGD Coding and 3D Video Game Design
*1st CO High School Students to earn Industry Certifications

Deckle Vickers / Howard Bishop Middle School/ FL
Web and Computer Animation – MS Level
*1st MS in FL / Diabetes Freedom Foundation visit

Steve Duft / Haven HS / KS – 360 Vid
Sustainable Landscape Design Course
Student of Mr. Duft

Jessica Wilson / Haven HS / KS – 360 Vid
iWD Web Design
iVGD Coding and 3D Video Game Design
iWMA Web and Mobile App Design
*Most HS Students with Industry Certification in KS

Gary Stelpflug / Livingston HS / CA
Coding and 3D Video Game Design
*1st CA school
*1st All Woman Design Team to win FGDC

Mary Armit/ Bonnabel HS
Coding and 3D Video Game Design

Blog Post – Eric Fisher at Hamilton Heights High School talks about his success with the Coding and 3D Video Game Design Curriculum.


Teachers, Administrators and Students
CTeLearning.com Courses

Email Testimonials

Some of our teachers are a bit shy. So, here is what they have emailed us over the years.


“This is high level thinking at its best. I see skills and ability levels in here that I don’t see in other classes.”

Randy Surline, MS Educator West Branch School District MI

“This curriculum allows the students to do a lot of thinking on their own and be creative.”

Mike McAlloon Educator Wylie, TX

“Through my program and research, I saw many examples of well-written and poorly written curriculums. What I discovered is that your (CTeLearning.com) engages the kids, reinforces basic reading and math skills, critical thinking and more. You get a ‘thumbs-up!”

Paul Ackerman Educator Edgewater High School Orlando, FL.

Parents tell me that when the students go home they are always talking about the class and about the ISL curriculum from which they learned. The teachers tell me how easy and flexible this curriculum is.

Dr. Yusuf Al-Hassan Academy Administrator Kansas City, MO

“I kept thinking of how great it would be to integrate technology into the classrooms and apply it to elevant job skills. I waited a long time for someone to come up with a curriculum that would be rigorous and hold the interest and attention of students throughout the length of the course. Thank goodness, I Support Learning just did this.”

Brad Schofield, Technology Teacher Campbell County High School, Gillette WY

“I demo your curriculum during “Back to School Night.” Every year the parents are so impressed with the course. They really like the fact that their students are doing a, “Virtual Internship.” They also like how the curriculum is very interactive.”

Marilyn Cunneen Marina HS, CA


“The simulation gave a lot of background. It was fun thinking that I am an actual intern – it was like wow – I am sixteen and doing this. It was pretty cool and I love the videos. It wasn’t boring – really. It is hard to learn at someone else’s pace and this let me learn at my pace. It is a lot easier when you can take your time on a part you don’t understand.”

Ashley N Student Kansas City, KS

Everybody in the simulation (online course) had their own personality and with a book it you are just a bunch of words that you are reading through. So (in the simulation), when someone is telling you something, you get a text message, or you get an email so you can read through that and then with the videos from the people on the story or showing you to run the robot – it gives you the information a lot faster and more efficient. It is a lot more modern a way to learn . It’s how we talk to each other it is how people really communicate – it was like talking with a friend. it is a lot easier to learn this way than just out of a book.

Cody N Kansas City, KS

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