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Video First School in Alaska to implement Mobile App Industry Certification Course

Well, as a pilot I dream of Alaska. Mudhole Smith and the other great bush pilots of Alaska – part of my personal hero posse – what can I say. Nowadays, I am typically tied to my crazy triple monitor system frantically trying to keep up with all the new things we are creating here at CTeL.

So, I am working away on a project, and then Donna tells me we have our first Mobile App course implementation in Alaska. And the daydreaming starts up, flying low along the river…. and back to reality. But, the reality is this is so very cool.

STEM educator Jeff Hamlin at Hutchison High in Fairbanks will soon be turning out Alaska’s first industry certified mobile application developers. I just can’t wait to see what they come up with. As for STEAM or STEM careers Coding and Mobile Apps, together have a lot to offer.

The mobile app world is a place where a very small team can have an idea, create it and get it to market and that market is global. In 2014, there will be nearly 1 billion new smart mobile devices turned on.

Each one of those devices is another opportunity for an app that one of these Alaskan students dreams up, teams up and brings to market. When I speak to groups of students in my video conferences or my class visits, I talk about how there is almost a “New world” moment here for them.

There is this newly discovered land of opportunity. It is up to them to learn the skills and tools and create in this new space. Like Alaska – a land of opportunity. A big space where independent minds can create something totally new.

Congrats to Jeff, Hutchison High and the FNSBSD team for giving their learners the chance at this new big world. – Steve