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Why Are More Contractors Being Hired in Tech?

LinkedIn recently published an article discussing the trend of companies in the tech world shifting toward hiring contractors instead of full-time employees. Because we here at CTeLearning work with secondary students and adult learners who are seeking to enter the tech world, we took notice of this trend. So why is this happening?

First, let’s look at some of the pros and cons of being a contractor as opposed to a full-time employee.

What are the pros?

  • Freedom to choose clients and customers
  • Ability to work from wherever 
  • Ability to set own hours
  • Ability to drop difficult clients

And what are some of the cons?

  • Less job security
  • Fewer (or no) benefits like 401(k), healthcare options, etc.
  • Fewer colleagues can mean less camaraderie and more isolation
  • Limited career development opportunities 

Put simply, more companies are turning to contractors because they can be hired at a lower cost than full-time employees. In this tough economic environment, tech companies have engaged in mass layoffs. However, work still needs to be done. Companies use contractors to continue to run operations without the added cost of retirement benefits, healthcare benefits, and more. Additionally, many contractors work remotely, which saves companies on overhead costs like office space and utilities. 

Companies also have more flexibility when they hire contractors. A contractor-heavy workforce allows companies to rapidly scale up and down as business needs and goals shift throughout the year. The tech world is constantly changing, and companies in Silicon Valley and beyond are likely to continue relying heavily on contract employees. If you work in tech, or would like to work in tech, consider if contract opportunities might be right for you. As we discussed, there are upsides and downsides to both contact work and full-time employment. Our work with Web Professionals Global prepares secondary students and adult learners to enter careers in the world of web. 

Our founder, Steve, has this to say about contractors: “In almost twenty years of running CTeLearning I have relied heavily on contractors to get projects done. In fact, some of our courses were built by dozens of contractors whom I brought on for expertise. Being able to hire contractors to complement my team members has reaped benefits for our company and all of our customers around the country. 

“Using contractors does not mean you have a disposable workforce. In my experience, you want to develop meaningful relationships just like you do with full-time employees. A long-term contractor who understands and values your company’s mission will always be an asset. Whenever you onboard a new contractor you need to guide them so they understand how your organization does, thinks and communicates. Investing in long-term relationships with contractors allows you to do less onboarding overall and more creating and working. It makes for a better product. I know people who just hire contractors and forget about them after the work is done. But I think that is a mistake. Although not every contractor you hire will be a winner, it’s important to invest in the good ones for the long term. Worst case? They don’t work out. Best case? They become a valued part of the team who you know you can call on and trust for a long time.” 

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Are you interested in becoming an independent contractor or working remotely? Check out our Remote Working Professional Course. In just four hours you will learn how to be a productive remote worker, get clients on your own, and ace job interviews. Contact us today at 913-764-4272 or swaddell@ctelearning.com to find out how we can help you in your career journey.